Brunches…and munches

08.19.12 – Sunday brunch at B with the B 

Hello downtown! 🙂

A quaint restaurant that is filled with awesomeness! Everything about the restaurant is just too remarkable 🙂

Crispy Pork Belly with Salsa Verde

Thought to myself: I used to eat this all the time at home when I was younger – hello, liempo.

Mussels with Green Curry Sauce and Cilantro

Eggs Benedict

Everything is nicely plated and the location of the restaurant is just too perfect for it’s outstanding facade. Can’t wait to be back for dinner…soon! 🙂

Hello lovely Sunday morning! 🙂

Shopped with Jhade after my lovely brunch with Maria and Jee! 🙂


08.26.12 – Saturday brunch

Went to Gertudes, another awesome restaurant situated in an Art Museum .

Number 1 brunch place in this city in open table. #ohYeah

Corn Muffin x Biscuit with Butter x Strawberry Jam!

Biscuit x Strawberry Jam = A total jump-starter for out Saturday morning! 🙂

White tablecloth x urbane yeah, I loved this place!

My white garden omelette!

First time to have squash in my omelette….it was so good I finished this imelette in no time!! Let’s not forget how cheesy it was..YUM!


My brunch-ish outfit! 🙂


R <3 xx

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