Sending all my love


08.27.2012: Happy Birthday, brotha! 

This was how I celebrated my brother Remo’s birthday. Though I am a million miles away (in my exaggerated world), I still made sure that I would do something to commemorate his birthday. I am so happy that his birthday was on a Monday, a perfect day to pig out,shop and do some Remo-ish stuff :))

Red Robin for lunch

Since he loves steak and burgers, I’ve decided to eat a burger for lunch. Everyone who are close to me knows that I do not normally eat a burger on a regular day anymore.

Strawberry Mojito

My mushroom swiss burger… YUM!!!

Salad for the side and whole wheat as my bun

Made chicken dumplings, sauteed mushrooms and steamed shrimps for dinner. Everything that I love!!!

Went to the state fair with girls to make my Remo day more fun!


Overcooked turkey legs x corn


Outfit of the day:



Red x Mustard Yellow peg!

Top and shorts from ze sissy 🙂 <3



Happy happy birthday to the best Dad ever!! ♥ I am so lucky to be your daughter, blessed to have you as my Dad. I will always be your baby girl, no matter what. I promise to make you proud each day and remember all the things that you have taught me. I miss you extra today and God knows how much I wish to be there with you on your birthday 🙂 I love you so much!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Sending you all my love,

 R <3 xx

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  1. I really love reading your blog ate! 🙂 Belated happy bday to your dad! 🙂 sana ifollow mo ako. heheh 😀 kaya gumawa ng blog ko din dahil idol kita. kahit im not good at it 😀 God Bless

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