THE GIRL AND NEW YORK: Emipre State Building

08.05.12 – Empire State of Mind

Third stop for our awesome trip in New York last Tuesday. We did not plan anything for that day, so everything that transpired throughout our trip were  spontaneous.It started raining on our way to the Empire and it was a bit disheartening for us thinking that it might last until the evening, but as soon as we arrived outside the building the rain stopped so it was a fortuitous day for us 🙂

Hello, Empire State!

The view was very breathtaking, it felt so surreal 🙂

My favorite building in NYC 🙂

Can you see the Statue of Liberty?:)

It was super windy and cool at the deck.zomg

With ze girlies! 🙂

c/o Alyza/Karen

Happy Monday off!!

R <3 xx

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