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08.14.12: The Filipino in him

So I am still on cloud 9 right now (and I think this will endure until next Monday). I’ve just finished talking to my parents for 3 hours, and I must say talking to  my family is the best reward after a long hard day at work every time. Nothing will ever beat the feeling of being able to hear my Dad’s voice and talk about life and future goals, my Mom’s supportive words when it comes to my personal life,my Sister’s insanity, Remo’s uplifting statements,and jejekid Renzo’s jeje “whateverzzz” lol 🙂 I cannot help but be thankful to our big guy up there for blessing me with this amazing life. I am deeply overwhelmed now with all the opportunities that I have now, and I cannot wait for the next phase of my life where in I will cross out another goal with siblings. Sounds vague but rest assured, that journey will be told in another chapter on this blog.

Anyway, the only reason why I could survive an afternoon schedule is the fact that I could have lunch somewhere nice. But work wise, it kills me. Only because it makes me feel too relaxed at work that I would rather sit in front of my laptop. Haha 🙂

Filipino lunch…YUM!!

Filipino stuff!!!! #HeavenForMe

Liempo (grilled pork belly)

Made me feel like I was in Manila again.. NOMNOMNOM

We ordered a lot cause I got crazy. Can’t help it cause I miss Filipino food

The only disappointing thing is the mayonnaise in the sisig. But all the rest were good and I it def made me miss home! 🙂


OOTD: Pardon my stressed slash puffy face

Obviously, I bought this dress because of the back detail. Lol

Dress: Forever21

Very happy and excited for October,

R <3 xx

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