Another reason to love Mondays

09.18.12: First Hug

God has recently blessed me with another reason to love Mondays more. Apart from the fact that we all get to be off that day, it is also the day that we could spend some quality time and have dinner with an amazing family (just like mine) that I love so much! 🙂 One of the reasons why I feel blessed for having someone who treats me like Queen everyday is the gift of having a second family who cares about me and makes sure that I am well and happy each day. It is overwhelming to be surrounded by people who makes me feel special and loved, especially in times when I feel lonely because of my family. Having another reason to look forward to every Sunday helps me get through each working day. Every time I feel like I’m trapped in something or when the suffocation of stress feeds my insanity, I would just think of the awesome Monday ahead of me.

Finally went to Costco!! A heavenly place for grocery lovers like me!! 🙂

Vanilla Yogurt with Berries from ze Mom! Super sweet treat!!!

Greek Wafer Rolls! Too yummy for my life!!



A carrot from their backyard! Ohhhhsome!

Homegrown grapes!! 🙂

Jhade and I! 🙂

It was another lovely Monday dinner with their family! They made everything that I like again and tried to make me fat…. sigh lol 🙂

Some stiff from our little shopping in White Marsh! Fall pieces!

AWESOME bangles for my Sissy and I!!!!!

LOVE at first sight…

Cause I can’t help my self!

Goodies that made my heart melt!!! <3 Thank you so much to ze Mom!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Asian stuff from our Asian Market trip! :p

Funny photo on instagram!!!Missing my batutsy soooo much! <3

Moist in the car…not yet ready to embrace Fall!!!

Just because I still have a couple of summer clothes that I haven’t worn yet!!! LOL


OOTD: Ribbons

Wore the bottom that my Sissy sent me!!! Thank you so much!!! <3

iPhone 5…soon 🙂

R <3 xx

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