Random Thursday

There’s always something special in a day. Some people overlooks at the principle of beauty in life. If life turned sour for us, look at the beauty in it and make it something special. I am really excited about the coming week, it’s a testament of how God turned around things for me. I just want to live in the moment and thank Him all day for blessing me more and more and more each day. I took another big step a few days ago, and it made me define faith and hope in a bigger way.So yeah, life has been nothing but amazing for me 🙂


Just some of the shows that puts my sanity into idle mode. Haha :))

(a) Grey’s Anatomy – is it too much to say that I do not ever ever want this show to end?

(b)Happy Endings – Just recently watched this show! I love how it keeps me smiling like HIMYM and Modern Family!! 🙂 And of course, how can I not fall in love with the 3 ladies in this show?

(c) The City – Beuatiful faces in a beautiful city. I am trying not to finish this show yet, just because I love watching how they fulfill their dreams…just like me 🙂

(d) Gossip Girl – I can’t believe that the story that I have been reading since I was in 2nd year highschool is now over!!!! I just had to post something about it cause it’s really heartbreaking!!!! 🙁

(e) The Carrie Diaries – Thank God I read the book, or I wouldn’t be as interested. Personally, I don’t like the person who plays Carrie.. eek

(f) Walking Dead – Need I say more? Can’t wait for Feb.10!


Currently reading 🙂 Something to inspire me!


Got my Pandora bracelet!! All I need now are charms!! :)))


I rarely use pink lipstick, I just feel like it doesn’t look good on me BUT Revlon’s love that pink changed my notion about it! Yay 🙂


Just showing off my long hair! Haha



F21 from head to Toe


Went to the mall with Ysan and Rizelle. Decided to go for a simple look cause it was such a chilly day! 🙂


Finally wore the heels that I got for my birthday from my Dad! 🙂

Heels: Forever21


Cardigan x Top: Forever21

Can’t wait for the weekend,

R <3 xx


4 thoughts on “Random Thursday

    1. I can’t help but think about SATC and Samantha while watching the show. I like it and I feel like it’ll be better in the next episodes 🙂 Not a big fan of the girl who plays Carrie though 🙂

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