We Are Young

02.10.13 – eff-you-enn

One of the awesome things that I truly enjoy about my “somehow” independent life here for almost a year now is the fact that I get to experience different things. Things that I could never imagine happening if I did not decide to step out of the shell and move forward. There are things that I have sacrificed to be where I am right now and looking back, the past year has been an amazing journey. A journey that lead me in seeing a bigger picture of how I want my future to be, and why God directed me to this path.


I love celebrating life, in different ways. One of which is to, hangout with the girls and go our for some weekend fun! 🙂





It was yet,another f-u-n night for all of us! Nothing much to say buy yeah…you get my drift. haha!


Went to Quiznos after for some yummy late night sandwich x soup! 🙂




Lace Dress: Forever21


Tights: H&M


I like how you can transform a simple dress into something so chic when you wear it with tights. One of the things that I have always aspired of wearing in Manila is tights. I like how it shapes up your look.



So happy cause I was able to curl my hair nicely!!!! MY sister would be so proud of me when I get home. Hahaha 🙂

P.S.. It takes time and practice for a “used-to-be-short-hair-girl” like me!


VDAY posts, coming up!

R <3 xx


Superbowl Champions

02.03.13: Fresh start

Don’t you just love the feeling that you get when something unthinkable happens and you feel renewed after you have been blessed with the perfect answer to fix it? Having the opportunity to have a fresh start once in a while in life is a gift. If there’s something that I would always be thankful for from the past (almost) 3 years of my life, it would be the day that I got my heart broken and got healed with God. It’s really different when you submit your life to God and just let Him draw you to the path of happiness and trust Him in everything. After the beautiful thing of me getting my heart broken and being healed, it made me realize that some of the most beautiful things in life come from the most painful events. I may sound vague but yeah…life has continuously blessed me with amazing things and I just can’t stop talking about it. I AM TOO OBSESSED WITH LIFE.

Today is Sunday, and I am very grateful for having the opportunity to go to church and reflect on life on a different level. The overwhelming feeling that I get every time I step in the church is just too priceless. Much more when I get to influence someone in having a better spiritual life. Today is a blessing, it’s another day and I know that I started my day right..with him,and Him. 🙂


The last 2 weeks of January was a total roller coaster ride for me. It really shaped up the capital R in my life and I am just thankful that I got through that with joy and a whole heart.

The first Sunday of February was a celebration of life for us. A celebration of how we got through something horrible,and a celebration for the city that I have learned to love.

Wings ; Spinach dip ; Beer battered onion rings ; and chips for my first Superbowl game! 🙂

I feel lucky cause the Ravens made it to the Superbowl during my first year here! How awesome is that? For 21 years I have never cared anything about football. And in just a matter of few months, after I watched my first football game in the M&T Stadium, I became a Ravens fan.

Wings ; spinach dip ; beer battered onion rings ; and chips for our Superbowl XLVII night! 🙂


And since we are lucky, we got sushi to make the night more awesome! 🙂

Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

It was a great game but I won’t blab about it cause it’s just not me… HAHA! But all I can say is… Joe Flacco is too hot for my life and the Ravens is lucky to have him as our quarterback!!!!!!!!! 🙂

I am so ecstatic, until now, that we are the Superbowl XLVII champions!!!!!!! 🙂 Woopee


I don’t have a jersey yet, I keep on #SMH for not buying that awesome jersey in Victoria’s Secret during the first month of the NFL Season but yeah…someday! I wore my “touch down” Old Navy shirt instead! Haha



St. Joseph’s Church! 🙂 Where I usually go when I’m not working for brunch or if not with Mr. and Mrs. Angel on a Sunday 🙂


Tikoy to celebrate Chinese New Year! 🙂


Happy Sunday everyone!!! 🙂

R <3 xx

Ren’s Ramen

02.09.13: Everyday is Valentine’s day

The shallow me has been paying my world a visit more than the usual lately. It’s been telling me that everything will change soon. But, my happy and mature self has been telling me to pay no mind cause life just keeps on unfolding  beautiful things right before my eyes during the least times that I expect them. I am anxious and excited at the same time. Summer 2013 will be nothing but a fun ride. I am excited to see my family after more than a year, and make each day count more and more. I am also excited about the life ahead of me. I feel like my life is planned and unplanned at the same time that all I can think about is how awesome it would be on 2014. The year has just started,and I am already excited about next year,is that even acceptable in anybody’s book? Maybe yes, all I know is.. I am blessed 🙂


I can’t remember the last time that the both of us had a decent Friday schedule. After working for an opening shift, the both of us hurriedly dressed up at work and drove to Rockville,almost near DC and a beautiful place to find Asian restaurants.


I watched Ramen Girl again for the nth time, this time with him. We probably skipped a few scenes just because he was only interested about the ramen..but yeah, it made him google map the word “Ramen” and only one restaurant showed up…


Ren’s Ramen.  

A hole in the wall restaurant that brought joy in our hearts and delight in our tummies. All I can think about is how exceptional everything was. It felt like a dream…my mouth was probably dreaming while savoring the ramen.. oh God.


Yakisoba will always be a favorite of mine. I never understood my Mom when she would never miss in ordering out Yakisoba when we are in a Japanese restaurant until one day, I craved for it and ordered Yakisoba with a friend one lunch date way back during my Culinary days.

RR’s yakisoba jump-started our date night. It was not too salty and the flavors were just right. YUM!


I ordered one of their specials Chanpon Men.

This was just too perfect for me! Seafood with lots of veggies flavored with sesame oil. Ren’s Ramen is a sapporo style ramen house. The noodles was just…. amazing. I have no words but…. I WANT THIS BABY NOW!!!!!


Gyoza  as our “supposed to be appetizer”. I did not really pay too much attention on this since the ramen overpowered my sanity.




Since it was a breezy Friday date night, I’ve decided to go for a not-so-girly outfit. Wore this top from Gap that my sister sent me! Too perfect for the winter 🙂



Used black accessories to give more edge to my plain winter top/dress



I am so in to self shots lately. Haha #ForgiveMe



Happy girl,

R <3 xx

Happy 19th,Sissy! :)

01.29.13: Happy Birthday, Boobie!

Probably the last birthday that I will miss this year. It’s so hard to let my family’s birthdays to just come and go. I may be 8,000 miles away from them but I see to it that I always do something to celebrate their birthdays even in a small way.  I might have failed on the Dad part since I am saving it for the best,though it’ll be a gazillion months late, I just want it to be special..just like him. Anywaysy, missing out on my sister’s birthday was really saddening for me,apart from the fact that she makes sure that I get something special from her on my birthday, I feel like I have not given enough to make her feel that I am really blessed to have her as my one and only sister. I don’t know how to express how much I want to make my sister happy in every way possible. It kills me inside every time we talk and I can’t pull her hair or squeeze her or just be the silly big sister that I am to her. It’s been almost a year and it still feels like I have just been here. The loneliness in my heart will never go away when I’m away with my family. But one thing that keeps my life moving forward is the blessings that God has been giving me. One of which is the gift of understanding. Understanding why I am here and my family understanding the path that I chose. It was never easy, it never will be. But that fulfillment that I feel everytime I go to work and learn something is just priceless. And the look on my Dad’s face everytime I tell him stories about work is a gift.


It was a cold Monday and a bowl of soup is just too perfect . Lucky for me, the both of us were blessed with Monday-Tuesday off again. Perfect to celebrate my sister’s birthday for 2 days! 🙂


Summer Rolls for our appetizer. The peanut dipping sauce that came with it was just to “AHHH-MAHHH-ZANG” (As Penny of Happy Endings would say it lol)


Side of veggies for our bowl of awesomeness!


Avocado shake for  a very cold weather. Nothing can stop me! Haha


Beef Brisket for me!!! Made me feel like I am home again. This was rally good! We’ve been to a couple of noodle bars already and I must say, this was the bomb!


Got myself a new baby from Forever21! Yay! <3 🙂


Jon, chorv’s bestfriend brought us some cuppy cakes from Georgetown Cupcake!!!


YUMMMS! Happy tummy! <3 Perf for my Sissy birthday! 🙂


Made Italian chopped Salad, Carbonara (made with pancetta,eggs,parsley), Lamb Chops with Pan-fried Veal Kidney and mushroom ragout for an awesome sissy birthday celebration! 🙂




Red Skinny Jeans = Birthday! 🙂


\Wore this top cause to me, my sister is a Princess! 🙂


Top: delia’s


Flats: Tory Burch



Mustache accessories from my siblings!! 🙂



Almost a year and a month ago 🙂

Happy happy birthday to the best sissy ever!! I can’t wait to bully,shop and do silly stuff with you soon!! Ate Inday should prepare herself for us now cause the best tag team ever will rock her world like boom-boom-shakalaka again! Haha! Me loves you so!!! <3 🙂


R <3 xx

Where’s Waldo?

01.17.13: Happy Birthday, Charm!

One of the things that gives us comfort in amidst of loneliness is to celebrate – birthdays, accomplishments, weekend off, being-cut-off-early-from-work-and-not-having-to-wake-up-early-the-next-day, and yadda yadda just some weird stuff just to give us a reason to have f-u-n. Almost a month ago, my roomie Charm celebrated her 22nd birthday. Lucky for us, I was scheduled to have the day-off,so I was able to help with her birthday shenanigans.


Charm and Jhade! 🙂


My outfit screams “Where’s Waldo”. I wanted to wear red for Charm’s birthday, but I accidentally came up with a costume party worthy outfit!  LOL


Our Grnadpa in Walmart #chos


I love how you can go all out on decorations here in the US even if it’s just a simple celebration! 🙂 Something that I enjoy doing – decorating for parties or gatherings.


Made avocado shake for the girls using my pink blender! 🙂


The many faces of crazy! :))

Inset: Surprised Charm with 22 pink and red cuppies after work! 🙂




What I usually look like after work! Hello cold weather!

More pretty posts coming up,

R <3 xx


01.15.13: Things that I love doing with you

Some people think it’s silly that I like doing things that are out of the norm. The stuff that they expect me not to do, are most likely to be the things that I would be happy about. If there’s one thing that I would hate when I look back at my life, I would hate to realize that my life has been nothing but a routine. I hate doing the same thing over and over and over again (I hate saying over 3 times but I did it anyway just to express how much I dislike having a routinized life). I do not enjoy going to the same restaurant in 3 months. I just need to be out there,and go place. That’s part of who I am. I walk, I look, I observe — I’m a traveler. I love how my life is different. How I can go with the flow of my own wave, how I have my own wave. And most of all, I love how God blessed me with a very blissful extraordinary life. A life that I am always grateful for. So yeah, that’s me getting caught up about life. Once I start talking about it, I just can’t stop. I JUST LOVE IT!


Spent the first half of our afternoon downtown. Federal Hill brings joy to my eyes. It never fails to make me feel like I am somewhere in NYC. Weird but hyeaaah, that’s me. Haha


We finally tried Stuggy’s. A quaint restaurant that serves specialty hotdogs. YUM!


We forgot what this wild thing is called (boohoo) but this was a special. 😐


Chili with cornbread for me! 🙂 I love how moist their cornbread is!


Went home to this! 🙂 My roomie Charm made “lugaw” / rice porridge! 🙂 YUMSS!


Best part of my day!!! PITANGO!!!!!! <3




Since we do not have any plans for the day, and all I know is we are going to the dentist I’ve decided to wear something comfy and simple. Jeans and a white tank top! 🙂


I chose the colors tan and brown to give accent to the world’s simplest but still stylish pair.


This bag is so me! It scrams travel!


White Tank Top: Forever21

DSCN7129 DSCN7130

I love this layered satin blazer! Not entirely perfect for the winter but I like how it made my simple look still stylish! I basically revolved my accessories on this blazer! 🙂


Happy love week!

R <3 xx


01.10.13: The crazies “First day of tormenting womanhood cycle:

I have been on my bed since I got home from work and all I can think about is how ugly I look and how awful I feel. “Happy endings” has kept me company and my emotions are just way out of control LOL. But still happiness is overflowing in my heart, I am grateful that I have someone who makes me feel special in every possible way ♥ 🙂 Someone who puts up with my crankiness and craziness. #Forever21″ —  It’s one of those days wherein I wish I am a boy,enjoying each day of the month without having to worry about a certain week. A week of pain, uneasiness and discomfort. Lucky for me, I get to be “one of the boys” once in a while. Mine might not be over the top., but it’s something that I am thankful for about this amazing blessing in my life 🙂


Cooked dinner for the roomies and some friends after a fun day with ze 2 crazies 🙂

(a) Broiled Teriyaki Glazed Salmon and some fried rice!

(b) Went to the Asian Store and bought the 5 of us chopsticks! 🙂



My not-so-girly outfit! It’s very rare that the chorvs would be so excited in buying me something from Forever21. He got all giddy when he saw this Van Halen top. One of his favorite bands!



I love this airplane necklace to bits! It screams “me”! 🙂

DSCN7113Wore this Jeffrey Campbell inspired booties that he gave me to make him happier! 🙂


DSCN7116Definitely not the last time that I would be wearing this top cause I already thought of something to pair this with! 🙂



I know this is gazillion months late but hyeaaah. I won a $100 gift card from Wasabi!! I can’t wait for our sushi day!!!!! <3 First time that I won something on Facebook. if I can recall. haha 🙂

Happy love month,

R <3 xx

The Little Pig

January 2013: Random Random

Just like the usual, I am lost in translation again. All I can think about right now is how psyched I am about the Ravens!! Superbowl XVLII #hellyeah! The song ” thrift shop” is on repeat and all I know is, the past week has been nothing but amazing!! I am so happy and nothing can pull me down… nothing! It’s been a week since I made a big step for my future and I wake up each day with hope and faith growing in my heart. So yeah, the month of love started in a very amazing way! 🙂


Some Mondate with Charm in TGIFriday’s! 🙂

The pot stickers and chicken flat bread were equally amazing!!! #TotallyCravingRightNow


Shrimp x Chicken with Mashed Potatoes for moi 🙂

Korean Beef Tacos for the chorvs and some C & D for our appetizer! 🙂


Wore the polo that my Sissy sent me!! 🙂 Yay!



So yeah, I was sorting old photos from my Multiply account (yes, still not done with this sort thingy). some of the photos made me smile or say “aww” but most of it made me laugh! Especially when I saw how much of a pig I was before! Haha. Oh yeah, I’m a proud “oink oink”! :)))

Say Hi to the fatty version of me! 😀


…and this is me now! I still have traces of being a pig. But whatevs! :))

P.S. Decided to make this photo sillier by adding a bow on my head! HAHA


Top: bebe


Pants: Papaya


Flats: Wetseal


R <3 xx