The Little Pig

January 2013: Random Random

Just like the usual, I am lost in translation again. All I can think about right now is how psyched I am about the Ravens!! Superbowl XVLII #hellyeah! The song ” thrift shop” is on repeat and all I know is, the past week has been nothing but amazing!! I am so happy and nothing can pull me down… nothing! It’s been a week since I made a big step for my future and I wake up each day with hope and faith growing in my heart. So yeah, the month of love started in a very amazing way! 🙂


Some Mondate with Charm in TGIFriday’s! 🙂

The pot stickers and chicken flat bread were equally amazing!!! #TotallyCravingRightNow


Shrimp x Chicken with Mashed Potatoes for moi 🙂

Korean Beef Tacos for the chorvs and some C & D for our appetizer! 🙂


Wore the polo that my Sissy sent me!! 🙂 Yay!



So yeah, I was sorting old photos from my Multiply account (yes, still not done with this sort thingy). some of the photos made me smile or say “aww” but most of it made me laugh! Especially when I saw how much of a pig I was before! Haha. Oh yeah, I’m a proud “oink oink”! :)))

Say Hi to the fatty version of me! 😀


…and this is me now! I still have traces of being a pig. But whatevs! :))

P.S. Decided to make this photo sillier by adding a bow on my head! HAHA


Top: bebe


Pants: Papaya


Flats: Wetseal


R <3 xx

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