Happy 19th,Sissy! :)

01.29.13: Happy Birthday, Boobie!

Probably the last birthday that I will miss this year. It’s so hard to let my family’s birthdays to just come and go. I may be 8,000 miles away from them but I see to it that I always do something to celebrate their birthdays even in a small way.  I might have failed on the Dad part since I am saving it for the best,though it’ll be a gazillion months late, I just want it to be special..just like him. Anywaysy, missing out on my sister’s birthday was really saddening for me,apart from the fact that she makes sure that I get something special from her on my birthday, I feel like I have not given enough to make her feel that I am really blessed to have her as my one and only sister. I don’t know how to express how much I want to make my sister happy in every way possible. It kills me inside every time we talk and I can’t pull her hair or squeeze her or just be the silly big sister that I am to her. It’s been almost a year and it still feels like I have just been here. The loneliness in my heart will never go away when I’m away with my family. But one thing that keeps my life moving forward is the blessings that God has been giving me. One of which is the gift of understanding. Understanding why I am here and my family understanding the path that I chose. It was never easy, it never will be. But that fulfillment that I feel everytime I go to work and learn something is just priceless. And the look on my Dad’s face everytime I tell him stories about work is a gift.


It was a cold Monday and a bowl of soup is just too perfect . Lucky for me, the both of us were blessed with Monday-Tuesday off again. Perfect to celebrate my sister’s birthday for 2 days! 🙂


Summer Rolls for our appetizer. The peanut dipping sauce that came with it was just to “AHHH-MAHHH-ZANG” (As Penny of Happy Endings would say it lol)


Side of veggies for our bowl of awesomeness!


Avocado shake for  a very cold weather. Nothing can stop me! Haha


Beef Brisket for me!!! Made me feel like I am home again. This was rally good! We’ve been to a couple of noodle bars already and I must say, this was the bomb!


Got myself a new baby from Forever21! Yay! <3 🙂


Jon, chorv’s bestfriend brought us some cuppy cakes from Georgetown Cupcake!!!


YUMMMS! Happy tummy! <3 Perf for my Sissy birthday! 🙂


Made Italian chopped Salad, Carbonara (made with pancetta,eggs,parsley), Lamb Chops with Pan-fried Veal Kidney and mushroom ragout for an awesome sissy birthday celebration! 🙂




Red Skinny Jeans = Birthday! 🙂


\Wore this top cause to me, my sister is a Princess! 🙂


Top: delia’s


Flats: Tory Burch



Mustache accessories from my siblings!! 🙂



Almost a year and a month ago 🙂

Happy happy birthday to the best sissy ever!! I can’t wait to bully,shop and do silly stuff with you soon!! Ate Inday should prepare herself for us now cause the best tag team ever will rock her world like boom-boom-shakalaka again! Haha! Me loves you so!!! <3 🙂


R <3 xx

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