Rockville,Maryland Eats: Ren’s Ramen

02.09.13: Everyday is Valentine’s day

The shallow me has been paying my world a visit more than the usual lately. It’s been telling me that everything will change soon. But, my happy and mature self has been telling me to pay no mind cause life just keeps on unfolding  beautiful things right before my eyes during the least times that I expect them. I am anxious and excited at the same time. Summer 2013 will be nothing but a fun ride. I am excited to see my family after more than a year, and make each day count more and more. I am also excited about the life ahead of me. I feel like my life is planned and unplanned at the same time that all I can think about is how awesome it would be in 2014. The year has just started,and I am already excited about next year,is that even acceptable in anybody’s book? Maybe yes, all I know is.. I am blessed 🙂


I can’t remember the last time that A and I had a decent Friday schedule. After working my morning shift, the both of us hurriedly changed at work and drove to Rockville.


I asked A to watch Ramen Girl with me. Watching one of my favorite movies with my boyfriend is my kind of relaxing date night! We probably skipped a few scenes just because he was only interested about ramen,but it was enough for him to google map the word “Ramen” and only one restaurant showed up…


Ren’s Ramen.  

A hole in the wall restaurant that brought joy in our hearts and delight in our tummies. All I can think about is how exceptional everything was. It felt like a dream…my mouth was probably dreaming while savoring the ramen.. oh God.


Yakisoba will always be a favorite of mine. I never understood my Mom when she would never miss in ordering out Yakisoba when we are in a Japanese restaurant. Until one day, I craved for it and ordered Yakisoba with a friend one lunch date way back during my Culinary days.

RR’s yakisoba jump-started our date night. It was not too salty and the flavors were just right. YUM!


I ordered one of their specials Chanpon Men.

This was just too perfect for me! Seafood with lots of veggies flavored with sesame oil. Ren’s Ramen is a sapporo style ramen house. The noodles were to die for!


Perfectly cooked gyoza for our appetizer.




Since it was a breezy Friday date night, I decided to go for a not-so-girly outfit. Wore this top from Gap that my sister sent me! Too perfect for the cold weather 🙂


Used black accessories to give more edge to my plain winter top/dress


I am so in to self shots lately. Haha #ForgiveMe


Happy girl,

R <3 xx

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