Valentine’s Date in Washington DC

07.11.2013: First and Real

Hi dolls!!! 🙂 Especially to the awesome readers who never fail to make me smile every day 🙂 I know I really suck at the “consistency” part when it comes to updating this blog.So as I drown myself in embarrassment for leaving this page on idle mode. I hope you all had an awesome love month! Cause I sure did!!! 🙂


We started our day by waiting for almost 2 hours in the city for a dentist’s appointment. We visited this Peruvian restaurant to kill time and have lunch. For less than $10, it was so worth it! The serving was very generous that I only ate a third of the food that I had. Boo :))


It was a bit late in my clock to go to DC. But having the most awesome chorvs, he still insisted in going to one of the best places that we can ever be for my first and real VDay date.


The major thing that we sacrifice for the career that we love is time. Time for our loved ones and ourselves. We sacrifice the best days of the year just to make families, couples, friends, individuals, professionals and everyone else who loves food happy. It’s a blessing to be part of this industry, a lifetime commitment that I will always uphold in my life.


Hahaha lol


Valentine’s Day has always been a thing about my Dad and the women in his life. My Mom, my sister and I. Every year we would get the loveliest bouquets from him with a sweet letter and chocolates. This year,again, was different. Not a single flower nor a bar of chocolate from the Dad. Only a heartwarming text message from him that made me smile while I was working. Enough to make me feel like I am not too far from him. My Dad will always be my favorite Valentine. 🙂


I have never really had a decent Valentine’s day. No romantic dinner, no surprises and no dressing up. It has always been a family thing until this past month.


I am so lucky to have the most perfect VDay date with the most awesome person.



One thing that we do not miss when in DC, is to visit the African-American Art Museum for some scavenger hunt! Something that I really really love to do! 🙂



Decided to have a new “thing” that we can enjoy doing together, collect pins or prices from our scavenger hunts!!!  Yaaaay! 🙂 *nerd mode on*


Bubble tea after our museum trip. Something that we never fail to do every time. Haha 🙂

P.S. Wore the super soft and awesome gloves that my Sissy sent me for my birthday! 🙂



Tried Red Velvet’s cupcakes! Perfect for our Valentine’s week!





We messed up the cupcakes big time 🙁 but nonetheless we still enjoyed them!! 🙂

Flavors that we got: Southern Belle aka Red Velvet , Cookies and Cream , Peanut butter Cup, Carrot Cake , Summertime (our fave!) , flourless chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and chocolate shavings (their featured cupcake for Valentine’s Day)

I loved their frosting’s! I’m a frosting freak, I can eat a tablespoon of it just because haha. Anyway, I can’t help but compare RV’ from DC Cupcakes. I would still go for Georgetown any time of the day 🙂


Most girls got flowers during Valentine’s. I got 6 huge red heart balloons, the most awesome thing a guy could ever give me. 🙂



I love balloons!!!!!! 🙂






Asian Snacks for the Asian girl! 😛

Going home soon,

R <3 xx

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