of Moving Forward..again

The week that was..

The past month has been nothing but an emotional ride. My lack of commitment and time on this blog is making me shake my head like I just committed a cyber crime. It’s ugly in its own way and all I can think about is how to keep the juices coming out when the price is a tear for every word.



The day I learned how to say goodbye and not mean it.


The first time I missed a flight because of a 3 hour delay. IT was horrible in a way, to spend another full day in LA and make the agony of seeing my family longer. But every time I think about it, it definitely helped me get through another emotional flight.




Dinner , breakfast and snack

I have to take pride in PAL’s heartwarming service. It took me 3 plane rides to get to Manila and the first 2 were just exhausting and an epitome of disappointment. Apart from the fact that both flights were delayed, the service was just below average. I always choose to fly with PAL. The hospitality of the crew on board and the services they offer are just beyond words. From the clean plane to the complete amenities that you will need to not getting bored.


Obviously, I was a mess that day. The Fault in our Stars was my companion during my 2-day “solo flight”.


One thing that I cannot do in life, to travel light. I am used to the weird stares at the baggage carousel already every time I travel.

But one thing I do know is…travel in style. I tried not to knock down the LV when I used it as my laptop bag and I must say, it isn’t LV for a reason. Haha


Lauren Conrad dress. Tory Burch flats.


So happy to be in my Daddy’s arms again!

First Monday back in Manila with my favorite girls!!!

Cupcakes from Vanilla cupcakery cause they are the sweetest <3 🙂


15 inch Cheese steak! 🙂 The pickled green peppers were toooo much! But everything else was good! After tasting an original and a good one in Philly,  I must say, they deserve a thumbs up from the 6 girls that shared this! Yummms



And as if the loneliness isn’t enough…I have been blessed with another opportunity to learn from. All up to you my Lord.






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