A Very Asian Day in Philadelphia

03.16.12 – Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It has been raining like crazy here in Manila everyday. Despite of the annoyance that it brings to my life it’s still a constant reminder of the beautiful rainy day that we had in Philadelphia 3 months ago. Though it was a bit inconvenient to go on a tour while it’s raining, knowing that the rainbow will come out after the rain made me realize that nothing should ever hinder me from achieving my goals and dreams. We are currently taking it “day-by-day”. I said we cause I have “my person” now, someone that keeps me sane and insane both at the same time. haha


It didn’t occur to me that it was St. Patty’s Day until we saw this group 🙂

We passed by a couple of Irish Pubs and booooy, they were already packed by 4PM!




We got back from our sightseeing tour before 5PM but since it was already drizzling we were 5 minutes late so we failed to see the Liberty Bell up close. 🙁

But you know what they all say…”there’s always a next time” 🙂


Love Philadelphia <3

One of the things that I learned from our trip to the city of Brotherly Love  is how creative their people are. We saw murals in every corner and I am telling you, they are far from being ordinary.


The second part of our trip that we can’t stop raving about!

If you google “philly cheese steak” it’ll probably show you Pat’s or Geno’s links/reviews these are tourist traps, a real Phildelphian knows where the real deal is…. Ishkabibble’s.



Best cheese steak ever!

Despite of me forgetting to add sauteed onions for our man sandwich this still made me love Philadelphia even more.


After our delightful afternoon in the city and our little shopping trip. We went to another Asian Restaurant, Sangkee.

I loved the interior of the restaurant! It is situated at the corner of a simple looking one-story building. But upon coming inside, it made me forget that we are dining in an Asian REstaurant!


Tom Yum Soup

One of my favorite Asian Soups of all time. Sadly, this was a bit too sweet for my liking 🙁


Crab Wontons

Soooo juicy and flavorful. YUMMMS

DSCN7847Some duck roll for the chorvs 🙂


Crispy Pan Fried Noodles with Roast Pork, Fried Squid and some Market Special that Charm ordered! 🙂


Free Asian Flavored Ice Cream for our table!!!! 🙂


A thoughtful present from our wonderful hosts 🙂

2 down, 3 to go 🙂

R <3 xx


Philadelphia ’13

03.16.13 – A Saturday served RARE

I can only count the times that we spent the entire Saturday together. On a rare occasion like this, it’ll be such a shame to put it waste. Lucky for us, we are surrounded with people who takes care of us dearly and makes each moment during our first year in the States extra memorable. It was an adventure, all I know is we were jumping like crazy people  inside the apartment by midnight cause we were going to the city of Brotherly Love early in the morning.

I have been meaning to work on this entry for almost 3weeks now but since I suck at remembering things when I go on a trip (something that should change PRONTO) I had to call for help from the best travel bud ever, the boyf! 🙂


Quick trip to the rest stop to grab some food. We woke up later than expected so we had to omit eating breakfast at home.

Chili dog for him x Ham & Egg Muffin for me!

P.S. It’s such a shame that I forgot to take a photo of my newly manicured nails! Shame cause it was my first time to use the nail polish that my brother sent me for my birthday! Eek. Anyway, if you look closely you’ll see that posh nail polish that I had on for that weekend! 🙂


Confession 101 : I love sightseeing tours!! Though I suck at taking notes, I enjoy the  fact that I get to  discover new things. Pretty much the main purpose why I love to travel! 🙂

Anyway, we were lucky to have Mrs. Angel with us. She arranged this half day tour for us and I am telling you this “hop-on-hop-off” sightseeing tour is like one of the best ways to see Philadelphia. I enjoyed it too much despite of the VERY cold weather that lead to some light rain…was it? Haha



The top of the Statehouse where they signed the Declaration of Independence



Benjamin Franklin Bridge

This bridge connects Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Camden, New Jersey!


One of the oldest streets in the US. Buildings are from the 1700s! 🙂


Quick stop at Philadelphia’s Chinatown! Main reason why he joined us 😛



Stir-fried squid


Roast Pork

A bit dry for me.. I like my roast pork served with all the juices from it! But nonetheless, the taste took me back to Ongpin.



This was too plain. Not enough flavors in it but he managed to finish this still….. haha #fasian


Beef Brisket Noodles

Big bowl of awesomeness! The meat was just too tender for my Asian life! The broth was so flavorful it took me straight to Chinese land! YUMMMS


Soy Chicken x Roast Duck

Sooooooooo goooood! Inexpensive Chinese fare at its finest! 🙂


and what is an Asian lunch without milk tea? Haha 🙂

The chorvs found this awesome milk tea place called Tea-Do! Just a few blocks away from  the bus stop! 🙂


Us waiting for the next tour bus 🙂


Thank you so much for the fun day tour!!!!! <3 🙂

Part 2 up next!

R <3 xx

Mother’s Day ’13

05.13.13 – Happy Mother’s Day It has been 2 years since I last celebrated Mother’s day with my family. Though  life has been nothing but amazing, sometimes it’s hard not to wallow into my own sadness and say “why do I have to miss those moments”. The perplexity of what I am feeling right now is just too much that even I couldn’t seem to fathom WHY I am feeling this way when I am supposed to be….happy. Not that I am sad or anything, it’s just that it’s one of those moments where in I am too overwhelmed that my entire sanity just decides to shut off.. or maybe it’s just the excruciating pain that I am feeling because of my “wisdom tooth”.. Oh wisdom, if only I didn’t like that word enough I wouldn’t care this much about the future, but I DO. And I love that I want procure as much wisdom that I can get in this lifetime. So how can I start blabbing about my tooth and lead it into life? Easy…my insanity has taken over me and all I know is, there’s one thing that I want now and it’s to be beside the only person that can keep me sane. IMG_6408

Since Monday was a national holiday because of the election, we’ve decided to celebrate on that day instead. Away from the busyness of what Sunday could’ve brought us.

Downside: Various restaurants were closed, including the restaurant that took our reservation and failed to inform us that they are going to be closed. BUMMER.

Anyway, we started our day by going to our local precinct to vote. I am a 2nd time voter and every time I get out of the room with that ink on my finger, it doesn’t fail to make me feel responsible. Ha ha :)) Unfortunately, most of the Senators that I voted for didn’t make it…. And trust me, I am just as disappointed as the people who has been expressing their dismay about the results but there’s nothing much that we can do but to hope for the best and pray for those who made it to the Senate…


Spent the day in The Fort roaming around and eating whatnots with the fambam 🙂


Then headed to Podium for dinner!

Ang Mo Kio is a Singapore hawker style restaurant. Unfortunately for us, they were in the middle of menu change so most of their items were not available.. #boo


First dinner out since I got back and it felt kind of weird since I wasn’t really in the mood to binge. So I was only able to take a few food shots…2 photos to be exact. #smh


Hong Kong style fried noodle with seafood 

Soooooo yummy and flavorful!!!


Haianese Chicken

Our favorite!!! so perfect with ginger!! <3


Happy Mother’s Day!

IMG_6414 IMG_6413

the only reason why we decided to have dinner in Podium… Borough! 

Decided to treat the fambam in the best place to get freshly baked chewy cookies!!!! They’re sooooo good I feel like I’m in heaaaaven!

I doubled it up for my siblings! So we got 24 pieces of awesome goodness!! <3


Butter Bread Pudding for the jejekid! #fatty




Skirt: Topshop

Wedges: Forever21


Philly post coming up!

R <3 xx