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06.15.13: two roads, one destination

If you are to choose between knowing why & when you will get hurt, and just it unexpectedly happening, which would you prefer? Isn’t it crazy that no matter how hard we try and no matter what we do, pain is still inevitable? I have been thinking about the road that I am taking now, and how it will affect my life, especially my family. It is still a puzzle to me, a dream, that I was able to make it this far. From being this average and laid back student to a person who works hard to achieve her goals. It’s amazing how my life took a 360-degree turn in just a matter of 3 years.

But, I will never win. No matter which path I take, I will still have to face the inevitable. And it saddens me that as early as March 2013, I have been crying my heart out already. Just thinking about the sacrifices that I will be taking with every move, no matter when or how. 2013 has proven to me that, loneliness is my companion in life.


Anyway, my weekend will not be complete without a trip to a nice restaurant with y family. Simple or upscale, it doesn’t matter, just as long as the food is great and we are all together! 🙂


For that weekend, we went to Sunshine Kitchen in The Fort. 

I’ve seen some photos of the place on the internet before,and I told myself that I have to go there when I get back. I get easily amused with restaurants that add a touch of creativity to their food, so Sunshine Kitchen never left my bookmarks bar. Unfortunately (just like the usual) I wasn’t able to take photos of the beautiful place for me to share. It’s such a shame cause they have a beautiful open kitchen and a simple but nicely decorated interior. The fact that it is not your typical box type restaurant puts that rustic feel not only to the food, but also to the whole ambiance of the restaurant.

first appetizer: Mixed Mushrooms with Poached Egg

A new found love for all of us. Everyone loved this and I feel like my Dad and I can just go back for some mushroom and bread fix. The only downer on this dish is the fake “poached” eggs. I get easily attracted with dishes that has “poached” eggs ( I blame the boyfie for this haha), and when they say “poached” I GD expect it to be POACHED! Unfortunately for this, the eggs were baked…I know the difference between poached and baked…and this definitely didn’t looked like it. 🙁 Despite of that, the mushrooms were amazing that we ordered this thrice! YUMSS


Second Appetizer: Callos

My Dad’s favorite! He is very particular with how he wants his callos, and when he likes it, it means it is GOOD!!! He had to order more bread for this cause he was eating it like it’s some dip or something haha

IMG_6870 IMG_6873

4 cheese pizza and Porchetta

Both were equally good!! I was planning to eat half a slice for each only, but I ended up eating 2 slices of 4 cheese and a whole slice of porchetta! Adding arugula to the 4 cheese makes it even more better! Mmmmm


American Southern Style Fried Chicken with Gravy

fried to perfection! My siblings and I loved this!!! The gravy was too perfect I can stop putting ketchup on my chicken if only I have this at home….


Beer Braised Shortribs

This brought me back to Ram’s Head Inn in New Jersey.. the day that I was treated like a Queen! I swear I didn’t expect it to be that good! The sauce was so good I can just sip it with a big spoon!!!! The beef was so tender it melted in my mouth. mmmm


OOTD: Teal is the new PINK!


Since I got back, I’ve been complaining to my sister how my closet looks too “girly”! It screams “teeny-bopper” and I am not entirely happy about it. I want to add a touch of maturity on my outfits now but I feel like I am failing on it haha. anyway, this is me trying to kiss dressing up like a teen….goodbye!


My Dad is not a fan of black. He hates it when we look like we are about to go to a funeral. So to drift away from that notion, since I will be with him. I’ve decided to match my outfit with a beautiful color.


Ring: Love Culture


Necklace: a gift from my brother


Bracelet: Charlotte Russe

DSCN8193 DSCN8196

I have the ugliest feet ever. I used to wear sneakers all the time, cause I felt so conscious about it. But as I grew older, I’ve decided to embrace it with nice heels!!! My addiction to shoes became therapeutic for me.. haha #ExcusesOfAShoeAddict

Wedges: Charlotte Russe



See you next month,

R <3 xx

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