Hey, June..

June 2013:Awesome Randomness

It’s been raining like crazy in Manila lately,resulting to a very annoying and unstable internet connection. I find myself wanting to scream outside the window, just so the world could understand how important it is for me to be connected to the internet,24/7. And if you get my drift, it’s basically me telling the entire universe that “I am in a LDR”. The 2 typhoons that hit our country, both in the same week, makes all possible connotation for this plight an understatement.

Classes are suspended the whole week so I spent each waking day with my family. doing everything under the sun angry sky. 6 days has passed since my siblings last went to school, and I have seen them sleep and eat like piggos. *oink*. The irony of it is, they stuff their mouths with food every half hour and I am here, watching everything that I eat and working out for almost 2 hours everyday. If I do not have an upcoming beach trip, I would probably be the old me, having something to snack on beside me. My eating habit has changed a lot, and I can’t really complain about it. I still get to enjoy everything that I love…and the only key is — moderation. Though I really want to blab more about the joys of living healthy, I feel like there’s a better time for me to share it.

Anyway, so here’s a quick rundown of my June 2013..



So this didn’t exactly occur in June, but it was a few days before it so maybe I can get a free pass for already failing my own blog. Haha

My sister was chosen to participate in a Philippine festival called Santacruzan. Times like this made me more grateful of what I have, particularly in this situation – my girlfriends. It’s such a blessing to have talented friends that I can count on even if it doesn’t entirely involve me. 

Thanks to my girlfriend Jho for doing my sister’s hair and make-up 🙂 

and kudos to my Dad who worked really hard to beautify my Sister’s arc. 🙂

…and of course my mom, for being patient. Haha 😛



Played with my camera and this is one of the shots that I really like 🙂


The pigs


Hello Kitty sweater that I love to wear every time it rains!! Sooooo comfy <3


Rub Beef  ; Fish and Chips ; Nachos

Finally tried Rub: ribs & bbq! The rub beef is super good, I can honestly just go back for that! 🙂 Yumms


Family Brunch: Ribs, coleslaw,fresh potato fries and roasted garlic mash.

We can barely finish this platter. It was sooo good and filling! Mmm




Random for random



DSCN8149“Cuppycake date” with my girlfriend Jho 🙂

I must say, Vanilla Cupcakery has heavenly cupcakes, but it makes me want to jog after. I swear, if Ican eat cupcakes everyday without getting fat, I would. #vain


Family time in Robinson’s Magnolia. Pre-Father’s day celebration

Having a sibling that is not as adventurous when it comes to food can be a pain in the A at times. Since my parents wanted Thai food for dinner, we’ve decided to give them their own piece of “date” night.


Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad

As expected, there were only 10 shrimps on our “to share” sized salad. I wish we could’ve gotten more, since the amount of this salad is already as good as an entree.


Family Feast, grande: Ribs, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Shrimp, fish and Chips and Veggies

Again, as expected….we didn’t finish this platter. Especially that my sister didn’t like anything from the platter but the fried fish…and her lasagna (no photo).


Second photo: weird annoying face that I usually give my #SelfieAddict sister


Ube Sylvanas for dessert!!! I definitely missed this! Yumm



Thursdate with my Bmore girls!! 🙂 Had dinner a drink and som wings in Hooters….obviously.


R <3 xx

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