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June 2013: “Is it fast enough so we can fly away?” 

If I can blog like how time flies, this account would be updated like it’s Twitter. But thinking about it, I can’t even update my Twitter account regularly, often times I forget that I have one! #SMH Haha. Anywaaaaay, I know I always blab about time, and how each month seems like it’s only a day in my book. Being excited about a lot of things really helps,especially now that time has been the number one reason of my sadness. So life has been nothing but wonderful lately,despite of the rain and annoying internet service that we get here at home. I am officially a busy girl now. With how fast this process is going, I know that anytime soon I will be too caught up with my “future” next year. But with all the craziness that I have to deal with, I always see to it that I have enough time for my full time job, as a daughter and a sister. I am lucky cause my job (like the real thing haha) is not too demanding.

So here;s another rundown of my lovely June 2013.


Sundays are usually spent with family. And if I’m lucky, I get to spend it with this cutie! 🙂



IPL day is Sissy day!!!! 🙂

I am very particular when it comes to my armpit, and I swear…once you go IPL youcan never go back! haha:P


Dinner in Momo, one of her favorite restaurants. My Sister is a certified picky eater, and it is such a pain in the butt-erfly. Going out with her means “limited restaurant choices” so yeaaaaap. Thank God for Momo!

I had a bowl of sqush soup,that tasted like bolognese sauce. And Caesar Salad that needed more of everything, considering the price. I just can’t understand how stingy some restaurants can be when it comes to salad. I mean like, seriously, there is no cooking involved and you are going to price it like an entree? C’mon Manila! :))))

Anyway, my sister enjoyed her beef tapa, but I bet she wished she was having her usual meal — Southern Style Fried Chicken. what really made me smile was the free choc-nut. It really made me feel that I was home. 🙂


Going to Eastwood on a weekend is a treat! I love looking at the nice booths lined up inside the mall!


Ube and Pistachio Macarons!!!!!

I dieeeeed. I love Macarons and if I can have this everyday I WOULD!!!!


Stopped by the new cupcake shop and bought some yummy oreo cheescake cookies!!! SO GOOOOOD!!!!!


So obviously my passion revolves around food…. eating them, and making them 🙂


Dinner in Mary Grace with my girlfriends.

Yes kids, I like having  salad for dinner. Not only because I like to watch what I eat, but because I love anything healthy!! There’s something about salad that makes me really really satisfied when I eat. I love Mary Grace’s mushroom “pate” , but unfortunately the first one that they served us had hair in it 🙁 What make it more gross is that, I was already halfway done with it when we saw it!! Eek


Malunggay Pandesal

This is sooooo good! Especially when freshly baked, and lucky for us,fellow Filipinos, they really serve this fresh from the oven!!! mmmm


One of my favorite Filipino snacks, Piaya!!!! I find myself buying one every time I pick up my brothers from their Uni. I love anything with Ube!!!!!!


Italian food for lunch at work 🙂

….cause I miss my half Greek half Italian <3

counting the “days”,

R <3 xx

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