6.16.13: Happy Father’s Day

I wish I took more photos. I wish I took more photos. I wish I wasn’t shy enough.

My silly self is telling me that I should have taken photos of everything that I did in the kitchen – last week, last year, the past 2 years. Everything, you know. I should have documented them in a pretty way like the photos below. But no, I was too annoyingly shy to take out my phone and take photos. (And by this time I am constantly #SMH). Anyway, looking at the bright side, I have a lifetime to take photos, and work on my shyness. Gaaah I know this is gazillion weeks overdue but with the way this blog rolls, time has never been a good friend of mine – in any way. DSCN8210

So for Father’s Day, my sister and I decided to do something special for the man that loves us unconditionally.

I know a lot of you can speak in behalf when I say, it’s hard to buy a present for a person who has everything that he needs.

But lucky for me, my Dad is the most appreciative person that I know.He values every little thing like it’s a gem.


Having a father who is always up for an adventure when it comes to food is like having a reward when you’re someone who works in the kitchen.

since it was a Sunday, a beautiful one for that matter, I’ve decided to do something that I enjoy doing for brunch at work….Eggs Benedict.



So with the help of my (not so) little Sister, we were able to surprise my Dad with a beautiful looking plate for brunch 🙂


I think Eggs Benedict is such an eye-candy in photos. It’s more photogenic than me. 

P.S. I wish I had something green and small (like chives or parsley at least) to put on top.But I am now in the land of “it’s-hard-to-find-fresh-herbs-here”

P.P.S. Parsley was out of stock when I went to the grocery the day before #SMHx1000


I am not a photographer, and my knowledge about my camera is very limited. So yes, I get extremely happy when I take nice photos!! 



My Dad was one happy guy this past Father’s Day!!! 🙂


10 days to go,

R <3 xx



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