Been there, done that.

July 2013:  Une

Hello, stranger! 🙂 Here’s another post that will either make you wonder what the H I’m talking about, or satisfy your curious mind of what has been up in my not-so-interesting-life”.  Before I get too caught up with the awesome heaps that will happen in the next couple of days, I would like to post at least 2 blogs (crossing my fingers like a little girl). I am at my last stretch of waiting for the most amazing 3 weeks ever in my life to happen and I can not express how excited I am to be with love physically…to be able to see love right before my eyes and not behind the screen..and to act with love just like how it all started. The waiting has been excruciating and all, but despite of the loneliness, I have come to appreciate life more and take credit of the little things that came my way.

I am not perfect, and I will never be. One of the things that makes me sad about reality is the fact that…there’s too much drama here in Manila. In ways that I can’t fully narrate, I just feel like this place connives with the people who has nothing good to say or think about me. As pitiful as it may seem, I have learned how to step up for myself and be mature about everything. Years before, when I was “you and naive”, I would let anything negative get through me. It wasn’t the smartest idea of all as it caused my self esteem to be as low as a zero. There are things that life taught me, but one of the things that I am really grateful for is how it taught me to be a daughter that knows how to listen. Being 22 and obsessed with life made me realize that I should be grateful to my parents for teaching me how to be a lady at all times. No matter what the situation is, whether it is pleasing or not, handle it like a lady.

“Been there, and I am sooooo done with that”. What I usually tell myself when I see “OMG..seriously??….You must be kidding me…*sigh*” worthy posts from “teens” these days. Let me tell you that, I treat each eyebrow raising post like it’s a cat…with 9 lives…you get a chance to prove me wrong until you massacre every piece of understanding in my body. It saddens me, how easily it is for some to just act like they can truly apprehend the meaning of #YOLO. Seriously, YOLO happened, fine, we get it, but the essence of “living once” is not to abuse the word living by doing all these crazy and senseless stuff just so you can hastag the word YOLO. Anyway, dear reader, what I am really trying to say is….there is always those moments in our lives where in we look back and appraise how we were during a certain time.And I have pinched myself countless times every time I realize the things that I should not have done. If you are young and has many years ahead of you… not let yourself be a victim of your own character. Whatever you do, try not to cause pain to others, big or matters.


So this is how I started my July..

Herbed Cream Cheese Spread x Blueberry Bagels

The first time I truly enjoyed a bagel was when I was in NYC. Unfortunately, this bag of bagels is nothing compared to what I had for breakfast last year. 😐




One fun Friday with my “neighbors” in Briarcliff. Haha

Spent the afternoon acting like kids. Never thought I would enjoy Lazer Tag like a fat kid with a bag of candies.


Dear world, our team (red) got beaten by a team with 3 more players..

Sincerely yours,



Ended the night with booze and laughter.



My BFF of 10 years celebrated her 23rd birthday this year!! 🙂

Being at their house has brought back a lot of silly and crazy childhood memories..including the “what was I thinking” moments.



Milk tea date with my girls <3


2 disappointing dishes that I had for the month of July


Dear Burger Ave,

the next time you serve me a “healthy” burger please make sure that it is at least “appealing”. It’s like the guy behind the chopping board just decided to tear a couple of pieces of lettuce..put it on my plate and make it seem like it blossomed with a “not-even-a-half-inch-patty”.

sincerely yours,

The girl who paid almost 200php for her meal

P.S. I ordered a serving of aioli to at least put “more” life into the food that I ate..thanks for the tablespoon of aioli. 18php down the drain


Momo’s Gourmet Salad

The lack of ingredients on our salad has made me forget all the possible things that I can say about this.

It wasn’t the first time that we ordered this…and I remember it as a “big bowl of salad” just like what the menu says…but maybe things changed, but the prices didn’t. Oh weeeell.

5 days to go,

R <3 xx

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