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More Tea and Greek

08.17.13: The Best Kind

There’s a part of me that I hate. The molecule in my body that makes me think of things on a different level. Like how this ugly thing can turn around my thoughts in a single snap — from me looking at dresses to thinking what my last dress would be. As vague as it may sound, I would rather keep this a big question mark in your minds. I can be pretty weird at times, the kind of weird that will make you say “whuuuuut”. Haha

Anyway, so I am trying to drift away from the darkness that the ugly molecule has brought me to.. hence, this blog. I have been excited about a lot of things already, I think I get overly excited about things too much that I can even annoy myself with my overrated excited voice and face. I never thought that I can show more…give more..or be more excited about something (but trust me, if you were on my position I think you would be too).

So I am trying to speed up my pace (for the nth time) to keep up with the amazing heaps that has happened to me for the past month. WordPress just reminded me that I have more than 200 WordPress followers now (THANK YOU DOLLS) So as reward to this blog…and a thank you for everyone, I am thinking of doing something special to make this blog better.



I promised myself that I would eat as much taho while I am still here.

Thank you Mr. Bean, for making it easy for me to get my clean, yummy, and warm taho.


I do not go out a lot when I’m in Manila, but when I do, I hang out with the best girlfriends one could ever have.

So after almost an hour of warming up our chatty vibe, we’ve decided to have dinner in Cyma (yes kids, another Mediterranean restaurant, cause I feel like we are not away from each other when I eat Greek food…or Italian…or anything that reminds me of him *cheeseballs*)


Spinach and Artichoke Fondue

I am a sucker for spinach dips.. I don’t care if it’s just a simple dip with sour cream, a creamy one with 4 cheeses or something gourmet like this…with artichokes, sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese. YUMMMS


My all time favorite <3 Chicken Souvlaki

My kind of dinner!!! Greek salad, tzatziki, tomatoes and a skewer of chicken and fresh veggies!! YUMMMMY

I am impressed how the chicken was perfectly cooked. The dressing was so goooood that I was already craving for it the minute we left the mall.


Jho’s watercress pasta

Perfect for those who wants to keep it light.


..and what’s the best way to end the night??? TEA TIME!!


My camera did not give justice to the beautiful ceiling in J’s Cuppacakes! 

One of the cutest cupcake shops here in Manila 🙂


…and I hope that for the past (almost) 3 years that I have been blogging publicly (you may all remember that during my first year here I used to set everything on private—just because haha) that I have in some way inspired you…and you…and you, dear readers with my words. My addiction about life and its beauty will never end.

18 months left,

R <3 xx


New Jersey: LBI

04.09.13: Never Too Early For a Beach Date

I am now at the stage where in I feel like I am just going to blurt out the biggest news in my life any minute now (I am pinching myself now as I type this). Something beautiful is making me happy, and when I say beautiful I mean…. the-most-beautiful-thing-that-I-have-ever-worn in my 23 (almost) years of existence. Speaking of beautiful, let me share with you a very beautiful day that we had a “few” months ago. Can I just say that I have the most loving man that a silly girl like me could ever have. I remember telling him that I wish we can go to the beach again,and before I know it he was already driving down to LBI in the middle of Spring, in a cold lovely weather.


Cause I am lucky to have a man who brings me to beautiful places 


Say hello to our “brunch”

Best pizza I’ve ever had (so far..or maybe the best that I will ever have HA)

Tomato x Mushroom x Cheese…just the way we like it! YUMMMS

I had 2 1/2 slices….and the rest,well… let’s just say he loves to it! Haha 🙂






My own little piece of summer with best boyfriend ever <3


Cause we take every trip seriously. Haha

What’s a beach trip without ice cream?? 🙂

6 scoops of ice cream and a milkshake! <3


Our favorite!! Scrabble!!

Since we are away from each other now, we use the “Words with Friends” app to continue with our addiction. haha


Cause I love grilled hot dogs!!


Asian Snacks!!

I love bringing snacks for him every time we go on a trip 🙂


Kitchen time: Sausage x Mushroom Risotto!! Yuuuums! My favorite <3

It was an amazing trip!! And it was just the start of all of our beautiful adventures together <3






I think it’s safe to say that my “nail polish skillzzz” has improved over time haha

Missing you terribly,

R<3 xx

Tea, Wine..and some Greek.

08.13.13: Secret and lies

I am not the most sociable person. I get mistaken as a snob most of the time,and I can only blame it to the only thing that makes me shake when I meet new people…my extreme shyness. I do not know where this is heading, all I know is my heart is at this stable happy stage. I might have given away some hints ever since it happened. My anxiety has risen up to level 100 to the point that any minute now I can just tell the next person to me the…SECRET.

There are only a few people on my list that I want to hangout with over and over again. I may not be a picky eater, but I am very particular with the people that I hangout with. I have experienced the worst when it comes to people,and as years went by I have learned how to be cautious. It’s beyond disappointing when someone disrespects your existence, when they do hurtful things just to get their way. I am the kind of person that can forgive the biggest “butt” in the world. But lying…lying is just way off my league. I don’t know, once you lie to me I feel like everything that you do is just a big effin’ joke. I have heard lies that can make you flip, lies that made me laugh and say “seriously”…and there are lies that ruined my relationship, or friendship for that matter with someone. I don’t know where I am getting at this, but all I know is, it is heartbreaking (and yes let’s face it annoying) to know that someone out there is so convinced to make each waking day horrible for someone.

Anyway, despite of all that, I am blessed that I have a girl friend that I can relate to. Who I can hangout with in places that has no traces of jejemons (my annoyance to jejemons just skyrocketed when I got back, and I have been very vocal about since then lol). I only open up to a few people,and Alyza is definitely one of the few.


My first TWG experience was in Singapore. If you would go back to my SG posts, you would notice that I always take a quick trip to TWG for their macarons,every day that we were in Singapore.

It was a bit of a shock when I found out that TWG is coming here in Manila. I never thought of Filipinos having afternoon tea like English people.


Wine x Tea

I am fortunate that my love introduced me to the joys of having afternoon tea. I was too caught up with my addiction to milk tea that I overlooked the best thing.

Simpler is better…definitely.


Choosing a tea is not easy when you have more or less 400 choices in front of you. If it’s your first time in TWG, it is advisable to consult the “tea book” before you place an order.

I decided to try their Sweet Jade Tea for the first time, a recommendation from our server.

There are times that I would doubt a server’s suggestion, cause I feel like they are just up-selling the product or something, but boy…. I am so glad I trusted the server that day cause sweet jade tea is now a new favorite of mine…next to Matcha of course! 😛


I was so close to getting Matcha as my tea, but I can’t let the boring part of me win.

So to satisfy my Matcha addiction,I decided to have my tea with a Matcha macaron. 🙂

Honestly, it’s nothing like I expected it to be. I thought the texture would be as heavenly like the ones I had in SG, but it wasn’t.

Nonetheless it was still good and I can definitely say that I had my “Matcha Fix”


And since I miss my favorite Greek, I always welcome any opportunity that can make me feel like we are not really far away from each other.

P.S. And because I really really love Mediterranean food! 🙂


..and because I need to learn how not to make “the face” every time I drink anything with alcohol haha



My faovrite!!! Chicken Gyro!!! <3 

The tabbouleh was so good I can eat a full plate of it *no kidding*


I had to order more grilled tomatoes cause nothing is better than having my gyro with grilled veggies…smothered with tzatziki of course! 🙂

IMG_8221-tile IMG_8236

It will all happen,

R <3 xx

Other Side

April 2013

Someone pinch me now….this is my third consecutive blog for the week! I never thought that letting myself drift away from my crazy “I-always-need-to-do-something-productive” self can be this damn good. I have always lived my life like my world is going to fall apart if I do not do anything that requires me to be on my feet for more than an hour. Life has its way of letting the productivity into my life even if choose not to entertain anything but “calmness and relaxation” (but let’s face it, laziness is the word that I am getting to lol). I have no concrete explanation of why I am in this “#BumLife” mode since he went back home, maybe it’s my way of drifting away from the sadness (which I must say, we did a really good job on) or maybe it’s my way of telling myself that it’s okay to stay in bed for more than 8 hours. All I know is, I am only giving myself until this Sunday to wake up and see the world again.


What do you do when you have 2 white frames from IKEA? 🙂

Make it look fab with a nice set of Keep Calm stickers from a scrapbooking shop! <3


Cause I love making him smile by doing something in the kitchen when he gets home from work 🙂


…and I love it when he cooks pasta <3



I wasn’t a fun of scones…until that afternoon. When his Mom made freshly baked scones for our “afternoon tea” 🙂





Tried Master Chef’s Creme Brulee Recipe while he was at work. I am so happy I watched that episode, cause this recipe is the BOMB!!!! So smooth and creamy. It’s perfection.



Last bible study in MD for 2013.

Shutdown is over,

R <3 xx

Kitchen Diaries: Buko Pie


Hello, world! 🙂 I can’t remember the last time I decided to “relax” and just watch time pass while doing anything that my heart desires (as long as it doesn’t require me being 5 feet away from my bed). Anyway,there are two things that hinders me from trying out a new recipe. One, the availability of the ingredients and second, the temperature here in Manila. The later may seem not too big of a deal, and you may think that there are remedies for this dilemma. But I live in a home where the sun likes to make himself felt by making everything melt quicker. I still do not have a good reason why I do not turn on the AC every time I do something like this. So yadda yadda, here’s my buko pie.


I did this twice since I get back. Both times I kept on telling myself that I wish someone would remind me not to make a pie crust here in MNL.or ust effin’ turn the AC for a couple of minutes!!

But whatevs, the important thing is…it looks like a pie and it smells delicious when it comes out of the oven! Yes?:)


This is the first buko/coconut pie that I made. I wish we were able to take a photo of the pie that I made last week for him. I like how the layers of coconut looked like, and how it set beautifully after I took it out of the oven.

P.S. One plus point about being here, I can get fresh coconut every time I want! 🙂


This pie crust recipe that I got from my good ol friend Saveur is the bomb!! Really easy and “foolproof”lol

Sweet and buttery…need I say more?

Can’t wait to be in the kitchen with you again,

R <3 xx

Atlantic City: The Girl


04.08.13: More than you’ll ever know

Hi, dolls! 🙂 My soul is still in cloud 9 because of the amazing heaps that transpired during the past 3 weeks. It was nothing like I imagined it to be. A simple plan that turned out to be more than a blessing. I am holding onto something that I can’t wait to unfold next year!! Anyway, I am still surprised with how God turned around things for us last night. From an emotional roller coaster ride, to a joyful nightcap that made us even more stronger. Though my words are as vague as how my life 3 years ago used to be, I know someday,these context clues will be crystal clear as a DIAMOND <3 🙂



Spring, to me, is such a lovely season. I love how the trees blossom, and how the nice breeze of air touches my skin.

I also like how I can play around with soft slash pastel colors. It makes me feel very feminine 🙂


I decided to make my outfit pop by wearing these beautiful boots that my awesome lover got me for my birthday!

Wearing something dark as an accessory for a soft colored outfit gives it a certain “strike” 🙂


Top: Lauren Conrad

Second garment that I have from her collection. I really really love how soft this top is! And how I can use it for my casual or corporate agendas.





Skirt: Charlotte Russe

Leggings: Urban Outfitters




Bracelet: Forever21

Ring: Love Culture



My favorite nail polish!! It dries quickly and the color is just too pretty! 🙂

Pardon my ugly chipped nail polish.. that was after 2 days of me trying my best to make it look like at least half of what my sister can do haha

P.S. Don’t you just love how this matches my skirt?:)

124 days,

R <3 xx

Atlantic City: Wanderers

04.08.13: I LOVE THEE

Hello, world!! 🙂 I am so happy that I can say that on this blog., seeing my meter go up each day and have visitors from different parts of the world makes me really really happy! 🙂 Countries that I would love to visit someday. I have a heart of a traveler, I love to experience new things and see beautiful places, and I am so happy that I was able to travel with the love of my life recently.

We both love to plan our itinerary according to the foods that we would like to try, so I feel like when I post blogs about the places I go to, I have more food photos than the beautiful sights that one would love to see. Anyway, we love going to NJ for our own piece of “vacation”. Working in the kitchen can get physically and sometimes mentally stressful, it’s a lot of fun and each day is fulfilling. We both like to reward ourselves by spending time with each other,and going to NJ for some quality time and have delicious food (which is always on top of our list).



My attempt of taking a nice panorama shot of Atlantic City while the car was moving.



They definitely have the best subs!!!!! Can’t wait to go back to Atlantic City and order an Italian Sub!! Mmm




We always order their cheesesteak and Italian Sub.Both equally delicious, but the Italian Sub is my favorite! 🙂





The best part of going to NJ with him is when we cook dinner together. Sharing the same passion with him is one of the greatest things God blessed me with.To be able to talk about food for hours, get excited about new dishes that we can try, and stand side by side with him while cooking.


Grilled Clams. Simple yet sooooo good!


Tomato-Basil Pasta for two.


The best lover knows how to feed my addiction!!!!! Harry Potter candies for me!!!!

These made me feel like I was on the train going to Hogwarts! Haha 🙂

“Thy will be done”,

R <3 xx


07.26.13: Cuteness Overload

Hello World!! I am currently at my happiness now! The past 11 days has been nothing but amazing and I want to update this blog before I get too caught up with the awesomeness of life again. I am now in Hong Kong making myself fat (and sick) of Chinese food!! and as if this post can’t get any more’s a post about a wonderful experience with my girlfriends this past July!


Jho and I were invited by Diane to do a very easy cooking demo for these kiddos! 🙂


It was a lot of fun being around them 🙂 Being back to my Alma Mater reminded me of all the silly stuff that my friends and I did when we were younger.




We showed them how to make pancakes and smoothie! 🙂






Can’t wait to see these cuties again!!! 🙂


But above anyone else, she will always be my favorite <3

Living the dream,

R <3 xx

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