Kitchen Diaries: Buko Pie


Hello, world! 🙂 I can’t remember the last time I decided to “relax” and just watch time pass while doing anything that my heart desires (as long as it doesn’t require me being 5 feet away from my bed). Anyway,there are two things that hinders me from trying out a new recipe. One, the availability of the ingredients and second, the temperature here in Manila. The later may seem not too big of a deal, and you may think that there are remedies for this dilemma. But I live in a home where the sun likes to make himself felt by making everything melt quicker. I still do not have a good reason why I do not turn on the AC every time I do something like this. So yadda yadda, here’s my buko pie.


I did this twice since I get back. Both times I kept on telling myself that I wish someone would remind me not to make a pie crust here in MNL.or ust effin’ turn the AC for a couple of minutes!!

But whatevs, the important thing is…it looks like a pie and it smells delicious when it comes out of the oven! Yes?:)


This is the first buko/coconut pie that I made. I wish we were able to take a photo of the pie that I made last week for him. I like how the layers of coconut looked like, and how it set beautifully after I took it out of the oven.

P.S. One plus point about being here, I can get fresh coconut every time I want! 🙂


This pie crust recipe that I got from my good ol friend Saveur is the bomb!! Really easy and “foolproof”lol

Sweet and buttery…need I say more?

Can’t wait to be in the kitchen with you again,

R <3 xx

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