Manila Eats: Cyma Greek Taverna

08.17.13: The Best Kind

There’s a part of me that I hate. The molecule in my body that makes me think of things on a different level. Like how this ugly thing can turn around my thoughts in a single snap — from me looking at dresses to thinking what my last dress would be. As vague as it may sound, I would rather keep this a big question mark in your minds. I can be pretty weird at times, the kind of weird that will make you say “whuuuuut”. Haha

Anyway, so I am trying to drift away from the darkness that the ugly molecule has brought me to.. hence, this blog. I have been excited about a lot of things already, I think I get overly excited about things too much that I can even annoy myself with my overrated excited voice and face. I never thought that I can show more…give more..or be more excited about something (but trust me, if you were on my position I think you would be too).

So I am trying to speed up my pace (for the nth time) to keep up with the amazing heaps that has happened to me for the past month. WordPress just reminded me that I have more than 200 WordPress followers now (THANK YOU DOLLS) So as reward to this blog…and a thank you for everyone, I am thinking of doing something special to make this blog better.



I promised myself that I would eat as much taho while I am still here.

Thank you Mr. Bean, for making it easy for me to get my clean, yummy, and warm taho.


I do not go out a lot when I’m in Manila, but when I do, I hang out with the best girlfriends one could ever have.

So after almost an hour of warming up our chatty vibe, we’ve decided to have dinner in Cyma (yes kids, another Mediterranean restaurant, cause I feel like we are not away from each other when I eat Greek food…or Italian…or anything that reminds me of him *cheeseballs*)


Spinach and Artichoke Fondue

I am a sucker for spinach dips.. I don’t care if it’s just a simple dip with sour cream, a creamy one with 4 cheeses or something gourmet like this…with artichokes, sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese. YUMMMS


My all time favorite <3 Chicken Souvlaki

My kind of dinner!!! Greek salad, tzatziki, tomatoes and a skewer of chicken and fresh veggies!! YUMMMMY

I am impressed how the chicken was perfectly cooked. The dressing was so goooood that I was already craving for it the minute we left the mall.


Jho’s watercress pasta

Perfect for those who wants to keep it light.


..and what’s the best way to end the night??? TEA TIME!!


My camera did not give justice to the beautiful ceiling in J’s Cuppacakes! 

One of the cutest cupcake shops here in Manila 🙂


…and I hope that for the past (almost) 3 years that I have been blogging publicly (you may all remember that during my first year here I used to set everything on private—just because haha) that I have in some way inspired you…and you…and you, dear readers with my words. My addiction about life and its beauty will never end.

18 months left,

R <3 xx

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