8554 Miles

“Here’s to all the places we went.

And here’s to all the places we’ll go.

And here’s to me,

whispering again and again

and again and again:


– John Green 


After 152 days, I was finally able to hug him again 🙂


To the best girlfriends ever..

And to my Mom..THANK YOU 🙂

We all didn’t have enough sleep, I was too excited that I only slept for an less than an hour.

Diane and Jho had class at 7AM and 9AM respectively.  We met at 3:30AM.

My Mom braved the road and made it on time for me to see him walk out that gate 🙂


It was one of the best feelings ever.

I wore my favorite Lauren Conrad dress.

The same dress I wore the last time we saw each other..so it will seem like it was only yesterday when we last gave each other a hug.

I got my airport scene.


First place we went to after we picked A up at the airport….JOLLIBEE! His favorite.

I like how this awesome man loves Jollibee so much! A Greek-Italian Chef from America who has nothing but good praises about Jollibee. After flying 8554 miles, all he wants for breakfast is…Jollibee! Haha



We had to wait for a couple of minutes in the parkin lot since Jollibee doesn’t open until 6AM.

And since we were the first customers, chicken joy (his ultimate favorite) was not available yet.


Cause 2 peach mango pies here in the Philippines is equivalent to 1 peach mango pie in the States! haha 🙂

His other favorite!!


So the first hour of him being here in Manila felt like a dream. I couldn’t believe that he was beside me and not on a rectangular device. It was amazing to be able to touch him again 🙂

And now, as I relive every moment that we had during his 3 week visit here, I feel like it was only yesterday when all these happened.

I am blessed to have the most amazing man as my love 🙂

23 tomorrow! xx

R <3


Of looking at..CHANGE

September Random Heaps Hello, dolls! 🙂 So this is finally my last entry before I make you sick of my awesome 3 weeks with A here in the Philippines. I want to preserve all of our happy moments in every possible way,and sharing them here is one way. Anyway, I am turning 23 in a couple of days and I am glad that I made the right decision by not rushing things…cause I will be celebrating with my family this year!! Yay! It was so hard for me when my family was not around when I turned 22. I felt really really cold inside, I felt like a zombie the whole month of November last year. Though, I’ve already accepted the fact that celebrating my birthday with my family and A for the next 2 years is out of the question, I still die a little inside. I really wish that in the next 3 years, I will have not to miss another special moment with my family whether it’s my birthday, or theirs. It is pretty upsetting when you set your mind into something and you see a chance of it not happening. Cause life decides to shake you a little and make you think of other countless possibilities about the choice that you’ve made. I don’t know, but, either way there’s always sadness along the way. So enough with the sappiness.. it’s ramble time. ha ha IMG_8364

A book that I can’t dare to finish. I always get hungry after every page.

My longing for Paris and New York gets too out of control every time I open this book.

This book has addiction all over it!! For travel…life…and desserts!! Aaah<3


I wanna say still not good enough..


A different take on a Filipino favorite!! I was so ecstatic when Alyza gave me a bag of this!! YUM

P.S. My Dad ate most of it…which I kinda like cause I do not want to feel guilty for having too much sugar in my bodeeeh haha!


First time I had this was after our lovely dinner in A’s house 🙂 His Mom offered me some and I fell in love instantly!! This is too good!! so just imagine my annoying giddy face when I saw this here in Manila!! Never thought I would but…YAY!


Cause Matcha and I has a special relationship.It’s too deep I always give in…EVERY TIME!

I love anything Matcha…and I am so happy I found this in our local grocery 🙂


Random tea time in my favorite CBTL branch in the Philippines…Resort’s World!! 🙂




Random Yogurt Date


The day I won over my brother’s long hair and made my Dad happy. Haha #UhhNoONeCanGetIt

The driver and jejekidzz

IMG_9123-tile IMG_9125-tile DSCN8473



Best part of this post. My sister cooking me an egg for brunch.

Mind you that, my sister sucks in the kitchen.


R <3

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery (and Pie)

09.12.13: Brunch lovin’

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 So I’ve been spending a lot of time in our kitchen here at home (yay! the joy having a newly built kitchen). I have so much to share on this blog -food, the awesome 3 weeks of my 2013, and more FOOD! One of the things that I love to do here in Manila is to save a day for a restaurant that I want to try,or sometimes when I’m lucky I get to have another day for a restaurant that I want to go back to. I love dining out and be inspired to “experiment” on something new in the kitchen.

So this happened 12 days before A got here in the Philippines…and obviously I am over 2 months late again 🙁 But, guess what?? this blog will be back on track in no time! Just like how it started! 🙂


My attempt of making this photo cuter than it actually is. I wanna say…#FAIL


Inviting cupcake set-up by the entrance. No one would pass up on a VCB experience once they see this (and this is only 10% of their pretty interior decoration).


Made me regret not buying the cupcake stand that I saw almost 8 months ago that is similar to this 😐




I’ve always adored the pretty chairs in Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. They all look so comfy that will make you want to stay for hours…and order 4 cupcakes!



More cuteness! 🙂


If I can have this set of spoon and fork without making my future husband look gay…I would buy a set pronto!

VCB just proved to me that they can show “cute” in every way! 🙂


Eggs and Biscuit

Cause I love biscuits (and I kind of wish that we have Popeye’s here — I can already see A giving me that look haha)

And..and cause…I love home fires for breakfast..or potatoes.yes, potatoes (I am crazy about potatoes)

Lastly, EGGS! I can have egg anytime of the day (breakfast food for dinner?? AWESOME!)

(So yeah…that was the fatty inside of me talking!!)


I was very happy with my order! Although I wish the biscuits were bigger…just like Popeye’s. Haha


Yes kids, they have 94 cupcake flavors!! #Heaven



I was stuffed by the time we finished. So I passed on having a cupcake for dessert.

Anyway, I really wanted to go there to try their food! 🙂


So good to finally see my SDF after almost 3 years 🙂 It was an afternoon full of laughter and realizations <3


Almost there! 🙂


R <3

Kitchen Works

09.06.13: PPG

Hello world!! Today is Sunday, and I am so happy cause I am having a meaningful weekend (and when I say meaningful, it means me being in the kitchen). So I am only 2 posts away from sharing with you the amazing 3 weeks of my 2013, and I couldn’t get any more excited!!! I don’t know, but I just love to relive all the wonderful things that happened when he was here.


There are a lot of things that make me excited, one of which is cooking,or anything that involves being in the kitchen.

I get easily bored during seminars, I hated it during my Uni and HS days. But, anything that talks about food entices me…so just imagine my annoying face when I found out about Kitchen Works’ Master Class with World Champion and top Pastry Chef, Jerome Langillier who came straight from France! 🙂


I adore anything that has my name in it! Seeing this made me feel..important.


I’m a big fan of ghost chairs. They are so elegant looking without trying too hard.

P.S. I promised myself that the next big thing that will happen to my life will have ghost chairs. ha ha




We were only 2 seats away from him, but it was really convenient that they set up a monitor for us to have a closer view of what he was doing.


We were able to try a couple of pastries that he made. They were all so delish that the lazy person in me decided to savor every bite that I….(#SMH) forgot to take notes.


This was so decadent. He made this jelly with fresh strawberries.

P.S. Please forgive me for making it sound less exciting. I am pretty much sure this has an equally enticing name.



He used almond flour in most of his creations.

P.S. Those caramels in front of him are divine! I swear!!!! They are too amazing….I have no words!!



One of my favorites!! I love desserts that has lemon in it, tangy flavor with the right amount of sweetness. Heaven.

The lemon curd with the almond bar is perfection to me!! 2 of my favorite things in one!!


Reminded me of my SA days when I was still in Culinary School. Oh, the joys of learning 🙂





The Finale…

His Pear Friand with Passion Fruit Caramel

Uhhhh…soooo good!!


Aaron won an apron from Kitchen Works!!


Best part….

Beautifully made macarons!!!! YUMMM


Say hello to my giddy face!!! I was so happy 🙂


We went around the store and here are a couple of items that caught my eye.


This is sooo cool. But since its white, it makes me feel like if ever I’ll have this, I will just use it as a decoration around the kitchen! Haha.


Salt Block

Reminded me of the days that we used this in BCC! I’ve always thought that this is cool!



Shun Knives!!!

Not our favorite as we, especially him, are a fan of Miyabi. But it made me miss our knife shopping days! 🙂


Big fan of ceramics right here!:)


Too cute!!!!



The most awesome produce that I saw in the store!!!!! This is loooove. I promise I will have one someday…or maybe I will get lucky and I’ll have a set. haha



For all the maarte and kikay lads likes me who loves spending time in the kitchen….here are some silicon items that’ll be awesome to add to our collection! 🙂



Cause I think the packaging makes it look rad


With Leigh after the event 🙂


Linguine Del Marinaio 

So obviously I decided to get mine with farfalle…just because.

Was quite disappointed with how I was only served with only a tablespoon of canned tuna. Nonetheless, it was very tasteful!


Tea time with the rest of the gang after dinner.

I think it’s hilarious that CBTL serves their tea in a tall…big…mug!



3 months left!!


R <3

Anthony Bourdain: The Layover


I love Anthony Bourdain and I am jealous of him. I feel like if I could be a man for a day I would want to be him. He gets to travel to places and eat the best food there is! Just two of the things that I want to do forever — to fly and try all the amazing food in the world.

A and I recently went to Hong Kong during his 3 week vacation here in the Philippines. We went out everyday and ate our hearts out, especially in Hong Kong. Each day was so amazing that the feeling that I had during those trips is still in my heart.

So how excited am I to watch the last season of Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover?? So much I can’t even!!! I feel like it will remind me about all the wonderful things that A and I did whenever we travel. And keep me excited about the awesome things that we have planned for the future! You see, we both love food. And when we go to a place, we revolve our itinerary to the foods that we want to try. We skip the museums, and sometimes, even the activities that there is to do. Anthony Bourdain is such an inspiration to me.

Anthony Bourdain  The Layover 2 (1)

One thing that I hate about long flights is….layover! I don’t know about you but I HATE feeling trapped in the airport. I only give myself 10-15 minutes to go around and look for something to eat (I always tell myself to not expect too much).

I am excited to watch Anthony Bourdain explore different places again. And I know this is going to be more exciting as it is close to my heart (airport = my happy place) I can’t wait to see how he will spend his “layover” wandering around the city that he is in, especially the restaurants that he will go to!

P.S. We watched Anthony Bourdain’s Hong Kong episode before and took note of the restaurants that he went to. When we went to Hong Kong we tried to go to some of them! 🙂

Anthony Bourdain The Layover 2 (2)

There is also that feeling that I get everytime I see him go to the same place that we’ve been to, it makes me feel like I’ve done something right in my life (whuuut) or I could be as awesome like him.

My eagerness to travel again everytime I watch an episode gets too high I can’t even control myself sometimes (I tend to make rash decisions like telling A to take 2 days off in a row so we can go see something new).



But you know what’s more awesome??


And lucky for us, most Chefs will not have to worry about missing each hour long episode!!

You can catch the show at 10PM (I repeat, every Wednesday)

Are you excited???? Cause I am!


R <3

Of Getting Through

08.31.13: The Reunion

Hello World!!! I am so happy that I am finally recovering from my 3 day struggle with fever.  I can pretty much say that I do not get sick a lot, but when I do, I always go back to being a baby. For me, the best cure when I am sick is my parents’ warmth, and I am so lucky I have them with me now.

Anyway, today is Sunday, and I feel blessed that my family and everyone that I know & love are safe. It is something when you get through a big typhoon you know, with no damages at your house, wake up and see the sun up. We feel blessed, and our heart goes out to everyone who was tragically harmed, and the families who lost a loved one or their homes. I know something big is on its way for our country,and the best thing that we can do is to pray 🙂


With my favorite “Panic Spatulas”


So happy that they chose to have lunch in Nolita

I like dealing with this #LDR thingy by eating good food…and when I say good food, meaning the food that we both love to eat.


We had 4 types of pizza, but shame on me I forgot the names 😐

Everything was so good. I tried to make myself feel less guilty about eating too much pizza by ordering their house salad, which I regretted cause it’s not to my liking 😐


…and to make my afternoon complete, a cocktail to go with my yummy lunch! 🙂


So happy that we got to celebrate her birthday this year! 🙂


We did a lot of catching up and laughing! I missed talking to these girls about whatnots and cracking at the silliest jokes.




It was a fun filled afternoon that ended in a perfect way (cause Aaron decided to be an Angel and bought 2 dozens of Krispy Kreme)

My head was telling me that I have been too sinful and that I should start jogging home….but how can I resist my favorite doughnut in the whole wide world????

Guess what? Love posts coming soon!!!

R <3 xx

Melbourne Prime: Test Kitchen

Cause life couldn’t be better <3

Hi dolls! 🙂 So remember the girl who almost talked about the darkness of life? She’s gone…and let’s hope that she’s not going to be back until (never).

Disclaimer: this is a series of the beauty of life.

Just like most of my posts, I will yet again, talk about LIFE. A few weeks ago, I’ve been wallowing in complexity, We all have those moments in life, wherein we feel like we are stuck inside a hole that we can’t seem to find a way out of. That the moment you realize that you are your own enemy, it makes you feel more trapped. Have you heard of the phrase “God can turn mistakes into miracles”? Well it’s true..and it has been proven to me for a billion times already, just like today.

I’ve been feeling restless for the past few days, and I all I wanted to do earlier was to hit that 8 hour mark of sleep. But, there are things that I am willing to sacrifice my sleep for, and that is….that piece of paper that we got in the mail today. I still can’t believe that we are step closer, which is ironic cause all this time all that we have been doing is to BELIEVE in the power of His love for us. We stood by our faith and we got rewarded by an amazing early birthday present.


I know I do not post that much about what I do,but here’s a glimpse of me…doing what I am passionate about.

The second thing that I am celebrating today, is the gratification of being appreciated. I will never ever forget that time I prayed to Him and said “I want to be great at something”. And though I know I have so much to learn (and I am so excited about it), I am deeply overwhelmed with the people who notices my talent, those who appreciates the things that I can do…and those who believes in me.


Anyway, before I turn this blog into a reflection paper, let’s move on to….FOOD.

He are some of the things that we did at work. I work at a company that imports meat from Australia, so as much as we want to try all of the recipes that we have on hand, we had to focus on the main star — the meat.


Cause I enjoy trussing beef. I hope that one day, when my Chef from our Butchery class sees this she will be proud….hahahaha

But yeaaaap, it may seem unlikely but trussing beef is one of my favorite things to do in the kitchen! 🙂






I am back in the land where “parsley” is the favorite garnish.


Tried two recipes for our meatloaf test day…



We thank Paula Deen for making our day easy.



Rochelle’s take on Crispy Tapa




My Chicken Fried Steak with Gravy

Will fly again soon,

R<3 xx

Big Love

08.26-27.13: Happy Birthday!

Hey dolls! 🙂 I’ve been feeling VERY nostalgic about our HK trip. Sometimes I wish it is easy for us to go to different countries, without worrying about time and responsibilities. Funny how “limitation” works in our lives.

Lately, I feel like I am on a marathon with time. My anxiety about making this certain thing happen has risen up, and I know there is nothing that we can do but to be patient. As much as I want to drift away from the idea of rushing, I just want to be ahead of things, and stop worrying about time. There is nothing more that I would hate than to see myself having a part 2 of what transpired last 2012.

Anyway, enough with the context clues. Let me share with you one of the reasons why I love being home.

DSCN8333 (1)-tile

The thing that I hated the most when I was away was the fact that I missed all of the special occasions that I could have celebrated with my family for a year.

So while I am still here, I try to make each special event with joyful memories 🙂 Something that I can bring with me next year! 🙂


Princess cake for the cutest princess of the family! 🙂


Jejekid in the playpen.. he scared away one little girl. She must have thought that there’s a giant or something.


My handsome godson <3 🙂


Celebrated my brother’s 21st birthday the day after! 🙂



Chocolate Truffle Cake from Sugarhouse 

Sooooo goooood!! I love how we celebrate 6 birthdays in a year!!! My most favorite part in every birthday party is the cake!! 🙂


Hard work and love <3

I am so lucky that I have a Dad who wants nothing but the best of best for us 🙂


My 17 year old brother is a giant.


Sissy LOVE!


Errr you know. Just being crazy at our rooftop.




Cause I missssssed this soooo much!!!! I love you!!!! <3

23 in 26 days,

R <3 xx

Real Soon

April 2013: A round up of lunches

Hello dolls!!! Today, the world reminded me about two things. One, that life is really…really (REALLY) short. I’ve been having deep thoughts (and weird if I must say) about time and how it affects life. Second, I will be turning 23 in 28 days!!! I have never been excited about getting  a year older, and I know this year is the only exception (for some reason).

As a tradition, I posted my first birthday wish for the upcoming year. I had this silly idea when I turned 20, that every year (before I hit the big 3-0), I will create a birthday wishlist and try to make them all happen in 365 days. I did bad last year as I wasn’t able to come up with 22 wishes.

Anyway, I will be posting everything on Tumblr, so if you want to be inspired you may check this link from time to time 🙂 http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/riannabirthdaywishlist23

Before I start talking about non-sense, here are a few photographs that I took before I went back here in Manila. Looking at these photos made me more excited about the life ahead of me! It’s going to happen real soon…..and I have nothing but mixed emotions about it. (P.S. most photos were taken out of boredom lol)


Best for those sudden cravings



I love making my own cards, but since America is big on giving cards, I’ve decided to buy myself a nice set to give away to the people who touched my life in some way! 🙂




Getting better at it! 😛


Vogue’s September 2012 issue.

Just because I think it is silly that my boyfriend is still getting magazine subscriptions for me. Wait for me babies! Lol


The cutest Hello Kitty that I own now. I left this in the states and I kinda wish that I didn’t! I was so happy when I got this for Christmas from my boyfriend’s sister!!! <3


Random Sunday lunch in Chili’s.

I remember how happy I was that I got to eat out with my boyfriend for lunch on a Sunday. I also remember him telling me that he is so glad that I was just wearing my pink hoodie and some comfy gym pants #MaarteGirlProblems


No one can ever stop me from eating anything sweet. Not even myself.


One of best lunch dates that we’ve had. Never did it cross my mind to try Nordstrom’s Cafe. I am so glad that he took me there!!


Cause something this good can’t wait,and I am not going to spoil it by being too full. Had my dessert first cause this baby looks so delish. And I was right, it’s too heavenly! YUMMMS


Tomato Basil Soup


Chicken and Wild Mushroom Gnocchi

It’s so funny how I was thinking to my head that I wish I could have gnocchi that day. We didn’t know that they have it until we sat down.

Everything that I love in one big plate. I died…..and went straight to heaven. I swear, this was tooooo good.

“I love you I love you and I miss you”. This is what I am feeling right now, and yes..I’ve gon’ crazzzy!


Oh you know…the usual… his sandwich



Straight from Korea!!!

My sister bought this VERY VERY SPICY instant noodles during her trip to Korea and sent it to me in the US from MNL.



Another delicious escapade in Towson! 🙂 It really is true when they say…the food trucks/carts in America are AMAZING!


Superduperkaduper yummy gyro!!! I have no words but AAAAAH! I can’t wait to go back to Towson for this!!! YUMMMS

Eternal is what we will have,

R <3 xx