Anthony Bourdain: The Layover


I love Anthony Bourdain and I am jealous of him. I feel like if I could be a man for a day I would want to be him. He gets to travel to places and eat the best food there is! Just two of the things that I want to do forever — to fly and try all the amazing food in the world.

A and I recently went to Hong Kong during his 3 week vacation here in the Philippines. We went out everyday and ate our hearts out, especially in Hong Kong. Each day was so amazing that the feeling that I had during those trips is still in my heart.

So how excited am I to watch the last season of Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover?? So much I can’t even!!! I feel like it will remind me about all the wonderful things that A and I did whenever we travel. And keep me excited about the awesome things that we have planned for the future! You see, we both love food. And when we go to a place, we revolve our itinerary to the foods that we want to try. We skip the museums, and sometimes, even the activities that there is to do. Anthony Bourdain is such an inspiration to me.

Anthony Bourdain  The Layover 2 (1)

One thing that I hate about long flights is….layover! I don’t know about you but I HATE feeling trapped in the airport. I only give myself 10-15 minutes to go around and look for something to eat (I always tell myself to not expect too much).

I am excited to watch Anthony Bourdain explore different places again. And I know this is going to be more exciting as it is close to my heart (airport = my happy place) I can’t wait to see how he will spend his “layover” wandering around the city that he is in, especially the restaurants that he will go to!

P.S. We watched Anthony Bourdain’s Hong Kong episode before and took note of the restaurants that he went to. When we went to Hong Kong we tried to go to some of them! 🙂

Anthony Bourdain The Layover 2 (2)

There is also that feeling that I get everytime I see him go to the same place that we’ve been to, it makes me feel like I’ve done something right in my life (whuuut) or I could be as awesome like him.

My eagerness to travel again everytime I watch an episode gets too high I can’t even control myself sometimes (I tend to make rash decisions like telling A to take 2 days off in a row so we can go see something new).



But you know what’s more awesome??


And lucky for us, most Chefs will not have to worry about missing each hour long episode!!

You can catch the show at 10PM (I repeat, every Wednesday)

Are you excited???? Cause I am!


R <3

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