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September Random Heaps Hello, dolls! 🙂 So this is finally my last entry before I make you sick of my awesome 3 weeks with A here in the Philippines. I want to preserve all of our happy moments in every possible way,and sharing them here is one way. Anyway, I am turning 23 in a couple of days and I am glad that I made the right decision by not rushing things…cause I will be celebrating with my family this year!! Yay! It was so hard for me when my family was not around when I turned 22. I felt really really cold inside, I felt like a zombie the whole month of November last year. Though, I’ve already accepted the fact that celebrating my birthday with my family and A for the next 2 years is out of the question, I still die a little inside. I really wish that in the next 3 years, I will have not to miss another special moment with my family whether it’s my birthday, or theirs. It is pretty upsetting when you set your mind into something and you see a chance of it not happening. Cause life decides to shake you a little and make you think of other countless possibilities about the choice that you’ve made. I don’t know, but, either way there’s always sadness along the way. So enough with the sappiness.. it’s ramble time. ha ha IMG_8364

A book that I can’t dare to finish. I always get hungry after every page.

My longing for Paris and New York gets too out of control every time I open this book.

This book has addiction all over it!! For travel…life…and desserts!! Aaah<3


I wanna say still not good enough..


A different take on a Filipino favorite!! I was so ecstatic when Alyza gave me a bag of this!! YUM

P.S. My Dad ate most of it…which I kinda like cause I do not want to feel guilty for having too much sugar in my bodeeeh haha!


First time I had this was after our lovely dinner in A’s house 🙂 His Mom offered me some and I fell in love instantly!! This is too good!! so just imagine my annoying giddy face when I saw this here in Manila!! Never thought I would but…YAY!


Cause Matcha and I has a special relationship.It’s too deep I always give in…EVERY TIME!

I love anything Matcha…and I am so happy I found this in our local grocery 🙂


Random tea time in my favorite CBTL branch in the Philippines…Resort’s World!! 🙂




Random Yogurt Date


The day I won over my brother’s long hair and made my Dad happy. Haha #UhhNoONeCanGetIt

The driver and jejekidzz

IMG_9123-tile IMG_9125-tile DSCN8473



Best part of this post. My sister cooking me an egg for brunch.

Mind you that, my sister sucks in the kitchen.


R <3

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