09.24.2013: Anywhere with you

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 It is now December, the most wonderful time of the year! Yay 🙂 I know everyone is just as hyped as I am! But I still can’t believe that we are just less than a month away from welcoming 2014!! It may be too early to think about it now, but there is just so much in store for me for next year…and I am so excited!!!

One thing that I look forward to next year is to have the amazing feeling that I had when A was here for 3 weeks. Everyday seemed like a dream, and we made sure that each day would be an adventure for us. That’s why we didn’t waste any time as soon as he got here! After resting for a couple of hours (though I know he must have this horrible jet lag) we went to Bonifacio Global City for our late lunch. Since he wants to be in sync with the time here in Manila, he decided to sleep on the plane so he would be up all day here. Which, I am glad to say, WORKED!

I didn’t plan anything for his first day here since I was expecting him to be asleep during the morning. I was having a hard time figuring out where to take him on his first day, and I couldn’t think of anywhere else but BGC. He finally saw how horrible traffic here in Manila is, and my driver was getting too stressed out cause he knows it is A’s first day here! But everything turned out perfectly, and he was able to sleep for more than hour,ridiculous cause it shouldn’t take us that long.


I was still uncertain where to bring him when we got to BGC. All I can think about is how we shouldn’t go to a Filipino restaurant cause my Dad wants to bring him to one for dinner. Chinese, though his favorite, is out of the question for his first day! I was thinking that I should try to stay away from it as much as possible since we will be going to Hong Kong for 6 days. And then I recalled how good the pizza in Nolita is.


A jejemon free place. One thing that you should know, I stay away from the jejemons. And I am glad to say that he didn’t have to deal with them until his last day! Lol




Sorry Nolita, I do not eat with my hands 🙁


Sausage, Pepperoni and Mushroom x Shrimp Carbonara

We obviously got the carbonara cause it has an egg on top, something that he loves!


Spiked Watermelon Mojito x Watermelonade

Cause I like flavored mojito..

…and he likes lemonade! 🙂



This to him, is perfection! 🙂 I am so happy that I took him there, cause he LOVED Nolita! 🙂 He said, he wasn’t really expecting something that will be as good as NJ’s pizza but this was very close.


Thank you, Nolita! For making his first day…ah-maaah-zing!



Hi my love!


Since we had a few hours to kill before we pick up my siblings form school. I’ve decided to take him to SM Aura! The only SM mall that I can tolerate 🙂


One of the few shops that we went to… The Royal Touch

It is hard not to try their cupcakes! Especially when you see how gorgeous their quaint shop is! 🙂


He didn’t expect the 6 delicious and beautiful cupcakes to be half the price of what we paid for in Georgetown Cupcakes! 

I just replied with my favorite line for the day ” Welcome to the Philippines” lol


The horrible misfortune of our 6 yummy cupcakes 🙁 We  forgot to tell the driver that we have a box of cupcakes at the back of the car. A huge pile of stuff was on top of the box,and we were surprised to see that they were not all the way squished! *LUCKY* I am still disappointed that I was not able to take good photos of these amazing cupcakes! 

Red Velvet Empress   x   Coffee Banana Baronet   x   Royal Green Tea

Chocolate Majesty   x   Apple Duchess   Strawberry Lemon

EVERYTHING WAS EXCELLENT! I can’t single out anything that we didn’t like,and it’s hard to choose a favorite cause everything was just so decadent! A thinks they are all amazing too, which makes me really happy! 🙂

I am still in pain cause my Mom ate the ONLY cupcake that I chose for myself! The coffee banana baronet when we were out 🙁 Banana and coffee to me is…love! So I promised myself that I will go back to TRT for that baby!!

P.S. I know I said it is hard to pick a favorite, but the Royal Green Tea was too divine I had to stop myself from finishing the whole thing!

But OMG…. the Apple Duchess was so good as well!! You can never go wrong with apple and cinnamon!! Especially with a moist cupcake like TRT’s!!

and though I hate to bring up another one… the Strawberry Lemon that he picked was just too amazing!! I love desserts with lemon!


 So yeaaaaah. I get too ecstatic when I talk about good food! And I am beyond happy that I was able to give A, a very good first day! 🙂

And mind you that this was only half of the amazing things that transpired during that day 🙂


R <3

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