Kitchen Diaries: Easy Cookie Recipes for Beginners

Hello,dolls! I am going to take a little break from my “LOVE in MNL” series. My head is just in this blank space now, and my words are somewhere out there. So here are two of the few things that I did in the kitchen for the last few months. One of my biggest frustrations is to take amazing food photos! The kind of photo that would make you, my reader, say “I want to do that too!”. So far, only half of the things that I did in the kitchen are blog worthy (and I know I still have a lot to improve when it comes to my “photography” skillZ).

I try to cook for my family at least twice a week (our cook will have nothing to do if I do it everyday) and I make sure that I leave something on the table for “emergency snack” aka baked goodies. I took up Culinary, so I feel like I am still at the “I-enjoy-doing-the-basic-stuff” phase when it comes to baking. The ting about baking, it’s not like Culinary where in you can just make one good cookie or a slice of cake that is enough for one. So when I bake something, I try to think if my family can eat it. Lucky for me, I only have to deal with one picky eater, my sister!



The best part of baking cookies…. the batter!

I prefer munching on cookie batter than the baked cookie. Is it just me?



I like my cookie soft and chewy..and not too thick. Just enough to make you finish one…

..and not make you feel like you need to jog 5KM after.



As much as possible, I try to use dark chocolate chips. Cause I like that slight bittersweet taste in every bite.



Since I have an extra block of cream cheese that I wanted to get rid of, I’ve decided to make Peanut butter Cream cheese Cookies.





I was a bit worried at first cause I do not want the cream cheese to overpower the peanut butter and make it seem like we are eating cheesecake.

I am so glad that it didn’t,the peanut butter stood out. yay


Melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter cookies.



Had to hurry in taking photos cause my brother’s hand was getting in the way..trying to get a piece as soon as it came out of the oven!


R <3

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