Palawan Diaries: The Wild Life

09.27.2013: “I did not sign up for this”

Hello,dolls! πŸ™‚ So I am going to stick to my plan of working on our PalawanDay1 entries. This blog will have a different rythm before the year ends…and I am kind of happy about it!

We arrived in Puerto Princesa at around 1PM.. with no decent food in our bellies! We were picked up by a private shuttle with a tour guide holding a huge placard with my name on it. Kudos toΒ Edward’sΒ Place for making us feel special πŸ™‚ We were expecting a 10 minute drive (at least) to the hotel, but to our delight EP is only 2 min away from the airport…which made us all laugh (cause we can all be weirdos like that). So yeah, we were all so hungry and we thought we have enough time to have lunch somewhere, but the front desk advised us that we only have 30 minutes until our tour starts! yikes.


We are all pleased with our’s not a 5 star type hotel, but it was really decent.

Puerto Princesa,as we were told, does not have a lot of luxurious hotels. They are still in the process of developing things,and there are only a few (and I can only remember one, and we didn’t find out about it until we got there). So yeaaap, staying in a lovely place like EP is pretty comforting, considering that it is in a very safe area AND it is near all the awesome local restaurants.

The courtyard of our hotel in PalawanA

My favorite part – the courtyard πŸ™‚

Perfect for having breakfast!



First stop




Legit Crocodile Skin from the largest that they captured a few years ago


Crocodile Skin Art





Read! πŸ™‚



He is HUGE!!! I swear I felt like I will fall on him any minute so I did a “snap-and-go” thingy when I took this photo!



*I am really scared of animals πŸ™



*I can’t stare at this photo for more than 5 seconds..I feel like he is going to eat me.


The 3 of them enjoyed the trees….the soil…the grass…the animals…EVERYTHING

and I was like “I did not sign up for this”.

Before you think I am to high maintenance, I had a bad experience with a dog when I was really young, so that gave me the worst phobia ever. Also, my skin gets too irritated that I look like I have a crazy skin disease when I am outdoors. So yeah..


Crocodile SisigA

Best part of the tour!!!


I felt so dehydrated and hungry towards the end of the crocodile tour, and I am so happy that they have a small cafeteria!!!

The sisig was so goooood!!! Knowing that it is healthier than our regular sisig in Manila (pork) makes it even more delicious for me! πŸ™‚ We brought home a couple of bags of crocodile sisig for my family to try. And everyone thought that it is delish!


Pancit for A! Cause he loves Filipino food…and this is only 10 pesos (22 cents in US$)


More of our tour tomorrow!! See you, loves! <3


R <3

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