Palawan Diaries: Baker’s Hill

09.27.2013: The best part is….hopia

Hello,sweets!! 🙂 Here’s the last part of our day tour in Puerto Princesa (yay!)A glimpse of my awesome Christmas at home will be posted soon. We are only 3 days away from kissing 2013 goodbye, and honestly, I am not too excited in seeing it go by yet. A lot has happened this year,amazing things for that matter. I want a little bit more time with my dear 2013…and just take it all the memories in once again. With how my 2013 has been, I know for sure that my 2014 will be more amazing!

Anyway, enough with the very premature New Year introduction. Since we started our tour late (thank you Cebu Pacific!) the tour guide had to revise our itinerary and cancel some of the destinations that we were supposed to go to, and make each trip quick.



A looked so cute petting this pony!!! 🙂

It was my first time to see him pet an animal…I had to keep my distance when I took this photo though. I already fell a horse once, and It was scary!


While everyone was enjoying looking at the animals…

I was on top of this round wooden table…cause I am too scared like that.




My favorite part of the tour!! 🙂

We were able to try and buy different local delicacies.

Their hopia is really good! I kind of wish I bought more than 3 boxes cause my fat brother ate half of the box in one sitting!!


How pretty is this heart made of hearts?


Where the magic in Baker’s Hill happens.


Oh…you know.




They have a large garden area with beautiful landscapes, but the hopia made us hungrier.


luckily we found this bahay kubo, across Baker’s Hill that serves delicious goto! 


Yummy adobo bun from BH!


Goto (rice porridge) split into two. For A and Jho.

I swear A lost his mind. He thought this was really good and he could’ve had more but I had to stop him cause we were going to have dinner soon.


R <3

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