Palawan Diaries: KINABUCH’S x OOTD

09.27.13: ….and that’s a wrap


I can’t think of a better intro than this.

I am lost in translation. My head is seriously going to burst any minute now. and I wish….I wish people can be more respectful and selfless.

I have reached my boiling point, and you know how I hate to turn this blog into a drama-fest, BUT when you give your all and spend n days working on things THE LAST MINUTE, and make everything perfect, it sucks when someone makes you feel like you did not do enough. It sucks when the work that you’ve done is not being reciprocated well…especially when the only thing that you asked for is not even going to cost them a dime. I worked like a machine for days while being sick, and sacrificed time for my future. I think I have every right to lose my temper. I am physically and mentally exhausted, is it too much to ask for some ME time?

Anyway, before I suck the life out of this blog…here is my last entry for our first day in Palawan (yaaaay).I did it!!! So here’s a food x fashion post! A little bit of both 🙂




Kinilaw na Tanigue (Mackerel Ceviche)

 I love kinilaw/ceviche! I grew up eating kinilaw with my Dad. I know A would love this, and I am glad he did!!!! The fish was so fresh…yumms!


I forgot the cocktail that we ordered..but I think it was weng-weng cause they can’t do sex-on-the-beach.

A had Jack and Coke. I remember him not really liking it.

The drinks were okay…I had better.


Adobong Tuna

All of the foods that we wanted were not available that night. I swear there were a lot of items that were not available that we had to ask the server for a list of dishes that they can serve us cause she went back and forth a couple of times to double check for us.

Anyway, good thing this adobong pusit was sooo good that even A loved it! Nice save, Kinabuch!


Ensaladang Talong (Eggplant Salad)

Cause I can’t eat without veggies! YUMMMMS!


Butter Garlic Prawns

Soooo yummy and huge!!!! Had to slice this into equal portions though to serve the 4 of us. Haha

I really wish they more dishes were available!



Wood-worm mollusk ceviche

A palawan delicacy. Only Jho and A tried this. It looked so slimy…and long!!! Eek


Grilled squid

We were supposed to go on a “seafood feast” and A really wanted to order a whole fish for us…buuuuut yeah. So this was just a semi-SF-feast! #IDoNotMakeSense


My loves <3



I had to wear this outfit to our tour as well since we had no time to change. Kind of sucks since I was supposed to look the part. Haha. #Whatevs


Vest: Forever21

Inner Top: Forever21

I like how “earthy” this outfit is. Must be the colors and nice blend of my printed skirt with my plain vest 🙂


Skirt: Topshop

One of my favorite skirts ever! The way it hugs my waist…the fabric..and how it makes any simple outfit look fab!


Red Flats: Wet Seal

Decided to show a little “pop” by wearing my favorite red flats! 🙂 Very comfy and perfect for a day of walking 😉


R <3

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