TheHolidays: Noche Buena ’13

12.24.13: The rock and roll Christmas

Hello, dolls!!!! 🙂 We are only a few hours away from kissing 2013 a sweet goodbye! 🙂 So before I get too caught up with my agenda for tonight (Holiday Kitchen Lovin 2.1 y’all) let me do one last entry for the last day of the year! 🙂 It has been an amazing 2013, and I think I have expressed it a lot on this blog (and if not enough, here I am again for the last time this year). 2012 was the beginning of the beauty of 2013, 2014 will be just as amazing and even more cause God has never failed to surprise me with bigger and greater things each time.

I find myself wondering sometimes what I did to deserve all these — my beautiful family, my love Argerios, my family in the US, my passion for cooking and travelling,friends and everyone/everything around me that reminds me of His love for all of us. I am beyond blessed and I have another 365 days to love, inspire and give meaning to.

To you all who visits my blog and puts a smile on my face, Happy New Year!!! Let’s all keep inspiring one another <3


Our home all lit up for the Holiday Season. 

We are still in the middle of renovation BUT I couldn’t be any more proud and grateful to my parents, most especially my Dad,for helping us make all our dreams come true. For not only giving us a beautiful home, but a big happy and loving family that we can go home to <3


Cause Christmas is all about Him <3


Marinated this big boy 2 days before Christmas Eve! #RoastBeef


4 kilos of goodness!!

Fresh herbs from our mini herb garden. Will always be grateful to my Dad who supports my passion <3 Did a BCC style sort of thaaang! haha


Mushrooms for my Mushroom gravy! 🙂

Portobello, shiitake, and oyster!

Cause we are a family of mushroom lovers! 🙂


Aside from my family, I was given the opportunity to cook for another family that is very close to my heart (told you I was “rock and rollin’ ‘ this thing!:P )


2 boxes of Arborio for my Paella. Had to improvise cause my paella pan is waaaay too small and this pan is still not big enough!


….and the roast beef is done! 🙂


See that pink baby? It’s perfection!!!

Served it with haricot vert sauteed with shallots and roasted baby potatoes! 🙂


…oh yeah!!!! This is happiness! The feeling of doing something right in the kitchen is priceless! haha


I also made my sesame-lime dressing for our salad…

and homemade gnocchi in tomao vodka sauce (garnished with basil from our herb garden — sorry can’t stop saying it!) haha


I am so happy that I was able to pull this off! I was up working from 9am (to finish orders) and was still cooking at 11pm!! I felt like I was at BCC working for the Holidays. Only this time I am cooking for the special people in my life! 🙂

P.S. I am annoyed that we STILL couldn’t find our “place-mats-for-special-occasions” #MovingProblems


Had to make 10 white chocolate cheesecakes this past week. This is really pain compared to the one I did 2 years ago… I knew that everyone will be full so I kind of slacked on this one lol

Nonetheless, everyone that got a cheesecake from us called my Mom and asked them where she BOUGHT it! And was even more thrilled when my Mom told them I was the one who baked them.


One of the three paellas that I made 🙂

I was kind of sad that I forgot to put hard boiled eggs…AND that my Dad couldn’t find bigger shrimp (last minute shopping problems!)

It was all worth it though cause everyone loved all the food that I prepared 🙂

So yeaaah. I cooked everything cause I want to make up for the Christmas that I missed last year


Family <3


My batutsy turned 18 on Christmas Day!!!! My not-so-little brother! <3

Happy New Year!!!!

R <3

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