Philippine Travel Guide: Palawan’s Underground River

09.28.13: The beauty down under

Hello dolls! 🙂 I am back with a not-so-fresh start. I am not the  type who likes to say “new year, new me” or “I promise I will change this year yadda yadda”. I remember when I was in 4th grade our teacher asked us to write down our resolution for the coming year, and I thought it was more difficult than our Math quiz. I don’t why but I just feel like if someone needs to change or wants to, they can do it anytime they want. Why wait for the new year when you can be more awesome year round?

I am only a few posts away from my 300th, and I realized maybe I should try and work on something quite different. Before you think it’s something big or whatsoever, let me just remind you that I am no blogger so chances are it will be just another blog post…or maybe not (I really like to shoot myself down when I talk about my blogging skillZZ don’t I lol).

Moving on, before I get too caught up talking about stuff that is not related to the photos below, I am going to share with you our 2nd day in Palawan.


The main reason why I chose Puerto Princesa over Coron is because of the Underground River. I thought it would be cool for A to see this beautiful subterranean river.


The river was about two hours away from our hotel. The scenery going to our destination was breathtaking so it did not feel like we were driving for so long.



Boat ride going to the river.  The sound of the water crashing on to the boat and the beautiful view was the perfect way to spend my morning with A!





…and we finally arrived.


There were a lot of monkeys,and I was scared the whole time. Our tour guide warned us that they know how to snatch bags and food and I saw it happen twice!!

I had to ask A to hold my bag the entire time cause I do not want any monkeys going near me. Lol



Trail going to river.

I did not expect the Underground River to be this crowded in September.




The beauty of the cave left us in awe as we got closer. It was surreal to see something so unique in that kind of magnitude.


The tour lasted for about 45 minutes, but it didn’t really seem like it.

 It was so amazing to see the underground river and to be able to hear historical stories about it, probably the best part for me because histroy is one of my favorite topics whether political or geographical.





R <3

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