Philippine Travel guide: Elephant Cave in Palawan

09.28.2013: The Afternoon before “THE” Night

Hello, sweets! 🙂 It’s the first Sunday of the year, how are you spending it? I hope it’s as meaningful as mine. I am getting closer and closer to my first big day of the year.I can already feel the butterflies in my stomach….raging. Honestly, I am not too worried about Tuesday, I know everything will be perfect. My faith and trust in Him are so much bigger than anything that can possibly put me down. I can’t believe that it’ll be only less than 50 days until I open that big chapter of my life!!! (aaaaah!!)

Before I go on with the part 2 of our day tour, here are some entries that I posted for the past 2 weeks (I think) about our vacation in Palawan (for those who haven’t seen them yet, or missed one)

Day 1

1.#CebuPacProblems –

  1. The Wild Life –
  2. Baker’s Hill –
  3. Dinner x OOTD –

Day 2

Underground River –


After our Underground River adventure, we went to Gusto Grill & Restaurant for our lunch (yay). After waiting and hopping on & off the boat, all I wanted to do after was to eat something good.

Luckily, our package includes a buffet lunch. A pretty good deal indeed!


I get excited for A every time we come across anything that denotes to the Filipino culture. Whether it is a simple thing like this, or the beauty of the Philippines.



Filipino food for us *yay*

Didn’t expect the food to be good.We had no idea how much it cost us for the buffet, so I was like

“uhhh maybe it’s just going to be like Tramway (a cheap Chinese buffet that lacks of something in everything in Manila)”

So happy that they proved me wrong, maybe it was the soy sauce with chili in it or something but yeah… what better food to eat when in beautiful place like Palawan in the Philippines? Authentic Filipino food!


A tried our local “dirty” ice cream! He thought it was funny that we have ube/purple yam and cheese. But when he tried and liked it, I was the one who ended up laughing at him for wanting more!

He wanted to try this with the bread but unfortunately the guy didn’t have any left! 🙁


Next stop before we went down to the “city”.

You can see that the sky is dark, it started raining after 5 minutes..


But fortunately we were able to take good photos 🙂



Had to “tip-toe” cause I do not want to look like my head is going to be chopped off haha


Have you ever had that moment? Like you know something exists, like this one, a cave?And then when you see it you feel like it’s not real,or it never existed. Well, I couldn’t believe that a cave was really in front of me. It seemed surreal because of its beauty you know. Like, wow.



Someday, A and I will be on Amazing Race #MyUltimateWish!!!!!

I swear, I’ve watched 8 seasons so far,and I’ve been taking down notes..cause I am that serious about it!!!


I forgot the name of the place we went to after, cause A and I decided not to participate with the outdoor stuff (#NotforMe..or #Us). DOUBLE SHAME lol

but yeah, we decided to stay in this bahay kubo while waiting for the girls to get done with their zip line x rock climbing sesh!


3 in 1 coffee station.

Hope I inspired you in some way 🙂


R <3

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