PalawanDiaries: THE Night

09.28.2013: …and so it happened <3

Hello dolls!!! 🙂 I am OVERJOYED right now. I am using a word that will have its fair share in the near future (indistinct as it may seem, someday this blog will know about it). So my words represent the true meaning of this blog, and how memorable 09.28.2013 is for me (and if this is not such a give away, i don’t know anymore lol). Before I go on with our last dinner in Palawan, let me share with you a glimpse of why I am ecstatic.


So yuuuup. It happened. We made it happen <3

I can officially say that I am coming back to the US and I am going to be with the love of my life again! 🙂 But before the maarte girl in me takes over, I will keep in mind that I should set my priorities straight at all times 🙂

With the love,support and understanding from my family and his family 🙂 It happened!!! 🙂

…and it’s all because of God’s grace <3


For our last and special dinner in Palawan, Jho suggested Kalui. This has been set in stone even before we got to Palawan…and I couldn’t be anymore glad that we went here 🙂



Beautiful garden area by the entrance 🙂


They ask you to leave your footwear, which I think is awesome cause it makes the experience extra awesome! 🙂


Lighting was poor in Ka Lui so I had to use my camera’s flash.

Dim lighting for that romantic feel… yes 🙂


I did not get the “floor-length outfit” memo. haha

My pretty girls!


My man <3

Thanks for the dinner… my true gentleman <3


Lato for appetizer

My Dad would often have this for lunch every Sunday, but I never dared to try this grape-like seaweed until that night.

I think it’s okay…not a fan. Maybe 2 more tries will make me one. 🙂

disclaimer: as per usual, I forgot to remember the names of the dishes that we had because:

1. Ka Lui offers specials, and we each got them.. we were not able to take down notes cause the guy took the menu right away to show the other table…yikes!

2. We were so hungry…and everything looked amazing..AND we ordered more items from the menu that we couldn’t really tell which is which. lol


Special Menu:Fish in Coconut Curry Cream..

TOO GOOD I WENT STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN! Fish was cooked perfectly…and A loved the fact that we had curry for dinner! 🙂


Special Menu:Eggplant Tempura with some tomato sauce 

this has got to be one of my favorites! 🙂 I love it when a simplicity overpowers a food! This is so simple, but it tasted grand! Aaaaah so good!!!!

#TestKitchen101 mode on!


Since A found a new love in kilawin we ordered this very yummy ceviche from the menu. Sooo good! Look at ’em chilies!


Another one from the menu that A ordered ( cause we weren’t able to have a whole fish the night before)

Grouper in Black Bean Sauce!

Perfectly cooked in an equally perfect sauce (A was in heaven)


Some stir-fried veggies with shrimp…

..cause I can’t eat without veggies! YUMM!


Special Menu: Lobster in Butter

YUMMMMMMY!!!!! Top notch! <3 That special is effin’ worth it! So happy we all got it! 🙂


we almost forgot that the special menu comes with a tuna steak…

We all felt so full when this came! And yeah, they bring a sizzling pan to your table!! AWESOME!



Thank God I have A to rescue me from overeating!!


Fresh Coconut for my love <3


Special Menu: Fresh Fruits with muscovado (i wanna say)

Another simple killer!!!!

Everything was phenomenal!!! Aaaaah and what transpired that night…… <3 <3 <3


All real…… HA!


His first time to ride the tricycle. I will never allow him to ride one in Manila so yeap…we took the opportunity while on a vacation!

Felt bad for him though cause he is too tall to be riding a tricycle! lol


Jho and Diane fell in love to this place the first time we went here so yeap, we will not go back to Manila without going here! 🙂

“cause the night is young..and so are we” <3


Tried both of their special cocktials.

Yeaaaap. We like getting specials. Cause we are special like that. #Whuuut


The drinks were too strong for us though 😐 But yeah, the live band made up for it…or maybe they made us feel dizzy faster because of their loudness haha


This is….LOVE <3


R <3

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