Holidays In The Philippines

12.31.2013: Happy New Year!!

Hello dolls!! 🙂 I can’t believe it’s been 4 days already since my last entry. So it’s been pleasantly cold in Manila lately, and my family and I are enjoying every bit of it! It seems like life is preparing us for that big vacay….and for my return to my second home next month! Yes, next month!!! Can you believe how fast time went by??? I am seriously still not ready to be away from my family again. But, I am just looking at all the beautiful sides of it, especially the fact that I know we will not be apart from each other for too long like the last time 🙂

For the holidays, I told myself that I will do something special for my family. And I couldn’t think of anything sweeter than to devote my time and show them the things that I learned for the past few years. I extended my Christmas present to them until New Year’s Eve, and spent my day in the kitchen. It wasn’t as stressful like Christmas Eve  but the gratifying feeling that I felt were just as amazing 🙂


My brother Renzo did our table set-up. He is the most helpful when I cook, and I really like having my favorite fatty near me during my crazy kitchen moments at home 🙂


Main Table

Lechon ; Vegetable Gratin ; Prawns with Fish Imperial ; Mushroom and Scallion Pull-Apart Bread ; Ham from Excelente


Appetizer x Dessert Table

Smoked Salmon Blinis ; Asian Salad with Sesame-Lime Dressing by yours truly ; Edam Cheese ; 13 round fruits ; Homemade Rice Krispies ; and some other Filipino sweets 🙂


Dining Table (since we do not have enough space on our buffet table…)

So grateful to the Chan family who sent us a platter of sushi. 🙂 Was so happy until the next day! Nomsss




Piglets…. haha

Pig shaped breads


Smoked Salmon Blinis

Homemade creme fraiche and “pancakes” made with sour cream 🙂


Bag of mushrooms <3


Mushroom and Scallion Pull-apart bread with Havarti Cheese

I originally wanted to use sourdough…but I didn’t find any 🙁 I went to 2 different groceries and 3 bakeshops but they all ran out of it. Nonetheless, this turned out to be delicious still! The milk loaf that I got from s&r was really good…and perfect for my piglets here at home.


No chicken every New Year! My Dad has passed down a lot of traditions on us, and one of which is that…we do not eat chicken from December 31st to January 1.

It is a belief in the Philippines that chicken scrounge for food, cause we do not want to have to scrounge for food for the rest of the year


I wasn’t really planning on doing this prawn with fish imperial dish. But my Dad came home with 25 HUGE prawns and I couldn’t just put it to waste.

I had to make use of the ingredients that we have at home and 2 inspirations that were in my heart while I was coming up with what to do.

1. I thought of doing a “thermidor” but I thought it’s too simple

2. BCC – cause my imperial days are never over 🙂 I loved making imperial at work, and I am so happy that I got to make it for my family..though it’s far from what we really did there.

Anyway,since I did not have crabs and only had cream dory, I decided to use it and do my own version of imperial.


..and since we are a family who loves cheese too much (we had 5 different cheese that night!) I decided to top my prawn with colby cheese! YUMMMMS (cause I do not have a glacage)


Vegetable Gratin

Zucchini – Cauliflower – Mushroom – Tomato topped with Parmesan and Scallions 🙂


Oreo Truffle Brownies

I was not able to take photos of the creme brulee and homemade rice krispies that I made for dessert 🙁 But yeah, I was really happy with how my oreo truffle brownies came out! So yummy and not too sweet <3


So glad that I was able to make them happy with my cooking again <3


After my Dad’s crazy loud and beautiful fireworks display!


This was taken at 2AM already. My Dad and brother were both ready to sleep haha. But we couldn’t let our NYE end without a family photo!

No twin outfits with my sister this year 🙁 And I only had one dress with round prints so yeaaaah. I was not outfit ready :))


R <3

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