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10.08.13: Tea-b-Tea

Hello, dolls! 🙂 It’s #tbt time, the time when the universe makes it acceptable for me to post entries that are 3 months overdue. This week, I feel like I have time on my hands. Though, I must admit, it is not how I want it to be. My face is still swollen and I am saving Manila from seeing another jeje-face so I am locking myself up in this room until my face gets visibly better. (#MaarteGirlProblems).

I am milk “tea” lover, I love it so much that during my first 13 months in the US, I would die every time A would get me a milk tea (or should I say 2 large taro milk teas!). I never appreciated drinking hot tea alone, until we had afternoon tea with his Mom. For the past years, I would always try to add sugar, honey, or milk on mine. Up to the point that it loses its original flavor already (yikes). So yeah, that afternoon made me fall in love with tea all over again.


A introduced me to afternoon/high tea, and I introduced him to…. TWG <3

Before I move forward, let me share with you my previous posts about TWG..

1. In Singapore


2. In Manila

Tea, Wine..and some Greek.

I have not published our TWG experience in Hong Kong yet…just because. But yeah, after this TWG date with him, I added another item on my bucket list.

…to try to go to all of the TWG branches in the world. (Try only! hahaha)


A got really jealous when I went to TWG with Alyza. So I promised him that I will bring him there during his 3 week vacay here in the Philippines.


We went to TWG, Rockwell for their tea time. The perfect way to spend our afternoon <3


I love how everything has the TWG logo on it.

It makes tea lovers feel exclusive and more appreciative of the place 🙂


My Crème Brûlée Tea

I always try a different flavor when in a nice place like TWG. The exciting thought of tasting something new 🙂




I want this display case in my room please. With all the delicious pastries! <3


Yup…..while looking at the display case.


Our Fortune Tea Set


Whipped Cream x TWG Tea Jelly

Loved the jelly!!! #Yummy


Croque Imperial

Cause he loves salmon…and I don’t. :)) Had a bite and I must say…. it was really good!

Win-win still cause I ate the small portion of salad


Blueberry muffin x Raisin Scone

Can’t choose which I liked the most cause I love them both too much!!! I love muffins…and scones…I love them too much I wish I can have them every afternoon! <3


Mmmmm <3


Passion Fruit

Camelot Tea and Praline

Bain de Roses Tea

Uhhhhhh-myyy-gaaahd. Too heavenly for words!!!!! <3 Best best best part of the tea set 🙂



I will be dreaming of this tea set tonight!


His x Hers

I love how our teas came in black and white!



Went to my favorite grocery in Manila — Marketplace in Rustan’s.


Saw Karen but unfortunately A doesn’t have a photo with her. So I just took a snapshot of the drink that she bought..and made for A! Hahaha 🙂 #RoomieLove


Wouldn’t go home without souvenirs and something for his Mom 🙂


Love..from us <3


R <3

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