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10.10.13 First Rooftop Party

Hello, sweets!! 🙂 It is Saturday and I am….home. Before I got back I promised myself that I will try to stay home every weekend and spend time with my family. I only have 4 weekends left here and I want them to feel my presence at all times! I could’ve been cooking now, but for some reason, I am going to hold back to it until tomorrow. Yikes!

I am going to share with you our first “rooftop party at home”. I’ve always wanted to have a rooftop party since…ever! But it wasn’t possible until this past October 2013. I am lucky that I have a very hardworking Dad who only gives us the extreme best in life.


One of A’s birthday celebrations here in MNL is this dinner that we had with my favorite girls.

The weather was very unkind to us so not everyone was able to come. And the “rooftop” scenario was not something anyone would hope for.


Our Greek-Italian inspired dinner.

I want the girls to know A through food. Aside from him being a Chef, I really love the fact that he is Greek and Italian!!!

I think it is amazing that I get reminded of my 2 favorite cuisines everyday because of him! Lol


used our silver rimmed Noritake plates for our special rainy dinner


Italian Pasta x Greek Chicken Kabobs

I think I made A cook tomato sauce a lot when he was here!! I love his tomato sauce and I missed it too much :))

We marinated the chicken for more than a day and grilled it, it was so delicious!!!!



Greek Salad

One of my favorites! Cause I love feta cheese so much I smother my salad with it! Yumms


Sausage Risotto

Pretty much a staple when I throw dinner parties! :))


Table for 8, please?:)



Had to bring the party inside cause it started raining 🙁


You know you have awesome guests when they bring wine for dinner 🙂

Thanks to Alyza and Maricor. 🙂

Friends who are great guests = love!


I wasn’t able to take a photo of the panna cotta (boo) cause Z ate them all hahaha.

Made matcha cupcakes with lemon-mascarpone (and cream cheese) frosting. 

Since matcha is an Asian ingredient, I decided to make it Italian by adding mascarpone to my forsting..and lemon cause it’s A’s favorite.

I baked some of the cupcakes in this “to go” liners so this one is shaped oddly. Lol

Nonetheless, everyone loved this!!! It was really moist and the matcha flavor is just too divine for words! YUMMY!!!!



Before dinner is prep time 🙂

A and I spent the afternoon prepping for our dinner with friends, and for my family as well. I missed working with him in the kitchen and it definitely reminded me of the times that we were both busy at work.

P.S. I like how we had this “prep table” lol

**Do you Instagram?**

I love Instagram! Lately I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration from different users there, food related mostly. So yeah, before some photos gets forgotten forever, I will try to post them here when possible.


So after our garage sale this past December 2013, my sister, 2 girlfriends and I decided to create an Instagram account for the items that we didn’t sell. It was an abrupt decision and in just 15 minutes after agreeing that we will really do it, my sister and I started taking photos for the account!

Follow “OurOnlineCloset” on Instagram to see the items! 🙂


Cause A knows how to make a woman smile…and fat! Lol <3

Just a glimpse of the whatnots that I post on IG!

Check my instagram account..and if you really love this blog, you may follow me! hahaha 🙂 “@RiannaGalvez”


R <3

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