300th: Good Morning, 23

11.29.2013: Birthday lunch and things that made me smile

Hello,dolls!!! This is my 300th post!!! Wow!! I can’t believe that I actually made this “riannagalvez.wordpress.com” happen! 🙂 From a “drama queen” who just needed an outlet for her dark moments to a “fun loving lady who loves life”.The transition of this blog has been serious some sort and I am just grateful to everyone who has graciously clicked the follow button, and who has been continuously reading my entries!

300 posts and I feel like I am still a newbie. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to beautifying my page. — A little segue, does anyone know how to do that “read more” thingy here on wordpress? You know that link in the middle of each entry that lets the reader read the full length of the blog! This is so shameless…but yeah, sometimes WordPress plays tricks on me by making me feel sttttttttu.. yeah

Anyway, I told you I have something not too big for my 300th post. And since I love #throwbacks too much, I am going to give you a bit (or maybe more) of a throwback for the next couple of dates. I chose a couple of links that is going to be nice to look back to.. entries that will tickle that “inspiration” bone or just memories that I love <3 Some posts made me smile and say “aww”, cringe and just want to delete some photos, but mostly be reminded of how beautiful life is and how grateful I should be 🙂

Since this is an entry about my 23rd birthday, I will give you a little throwback of my 21st and 22nd! 🙂

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22 – Dinner —  http://riannagalvez.com/2012/12/27/forever21plus1-petit-louis/

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A few days before my birthday, Alyza surprised me with a bag of “ramen happiness” from Ryu Ramen.

She drove all the way to my house and braved the traffic in Manila. This has got to be one of the sweetest things a friend has ever done to me 🙂


Spicy Curry Ramen

I wouldn’t order this naturally if I saw this on the menu. Curry is A’s favorite and I feel like I just got sick of it because he talked about it too much lol.

BUT this was THE BOMB!!!!! I am so glad Alyza got this for me cause I am starting to love curry again! :))


Gyoza yumminess!


And as if the ramen treat was not enough, she gave me this very awesome Asian tea set as a present 🙂

I remember telling A that we should’ve bought a set in Hong Kong cause it’ll be amazing for the both of us to own an Asian tea set.

The big guy heard me and whispered to Alyza! :))


I am in love with the bamboo handle. So Asian! <3



Received 23 pink roses from the best Daddy ever at 1AM!

I love how they all went in my room at midnight to give me their sweetest hugs, kisses and greetings! 🙂

I was once again reminded why I decided to stay longer and come home <3


Little Miss Parisian? :))

Box of macarons from my sister! <3


A month is not complete without a letter from the love of my life <3

…and yes, we do this! I don’t care how old school it is but every month we send each other letters.

We wrote to each other ever since we started dating, cause I love handwritten love letters like that. And I feel like no status or comment or Instagram post can ever top the words that we write.  <3



2 boxes of hungry hippo from my awesome cousin!!! So happy when I got this!!!!! <3

I am much happier when I shared my favorite kinder to my siblings!! Cause I love it when they get to try the food that I had in the states! 🙂


Best birthday greeting award goes to Chelsey Dy!!!

For greeting me 2 days early and apologizing for thinking she was late!!! Lol



…and onto the outfit post!


For my “birthday lunch” outfit, I’ve decided to do my own version of “simple with a pinch of  edgy”. My peg for the entire day was “white”. I always try to reserve my white garments for special occasions or days that I want to be extra memorable or meaningful.


I do not normally wear shorts on lovely days like my birthday. I feel like I’ve outgrown my “pants and shorts” days (you know when my parents thought I was a lezbo).

I like how origami shorts make an outfit not look too plain.



They also give this nice effect on your legs, making it look sexier! Or is it just me trying to make it seem like mine are! haha



I like this top that I got from Topshop.

I am not really into metallic but I am trying to look not too girly anymore so I gave in! 🙂



Segue: cause it’s the first time that my hair has been THIS long! haha



So yeah, for the past few years, except last year, I’ve been spending my birthday lunch with my Mom. This year, we spent the entire afternoon together. And that is more than I could ever ask for <3 🙂


R <3

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