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11.29.13: Hello, Happiness!

“That’s why every year I make sure that we get to celebrate their birthdays”.  It was one of the best stories that I’ve heard and those words has been on my mind since then.It crushed my heart in some way, and made me realize how blessed I am to have a Dad who gave us more than what a child could ask for. Cliche, but there’s no other way to put it. I’ve always had amazing birthdays, and I can only think of one that I really didn’t like — but it was all me (and my drama).  Amusement park birthday, weekend getaway birthday, debut, bowling party,night out “cause I am 19!” and karaoke party — these are just some of the birthday celebrations that I had before I turned 20. As time went by I realized I want my birthday to be more intimate, and not about me partying with friends (and people I do not really like), it’s about me celebrating with the people I love the most — my family. I know it is pretty difficult to celebrate my birthday with them because of my status, BUT I found a way to make up for it — make theirs more memorable instead or any event when I am home.


Anyway, I have been really busy lately. My soul is so inspired and motivated for the past few days. I’ve committed to “ore “kitchen loving” until THE day. I cook or bake at home often, but there are days where in I let my lazy bone take over me. So yeaaaap, I am going to make this happen cause I love seeing my parents’ happy faces every time I serve them something good <3

Before I move forward, let me share with you a little “#Throwback” thingy again. I am going to “commit” to this as well and finish what I’ve started. Since I talked about being inspired, here are a couple of entries that I posted relating to it 🙂

Drama Free –

Life and life –

Of it happening again SOON


We went to Relish for my birthday dinner.

It wasn’t my first choice, in fact it was not in my choices at all. I originally wanted to go to Cafe 1771, but since my brother does not get dismissed at school until 7PM, we had to go somewhere nearby so I thought “oh, Mario’s would be a good option”. But just my luck, they were closed for the day! 🙁 My Dad has been insisting to go to a buffet since November 1st, I’ve graciously turned him down every time, cause I want to enjoy a nicely plated meal for my birthday. So yeah, it was 8:45PM  and I know that restaurants will be closed soon so we ended up going to Relish since we were already in the area.


Beef Salpicao

One of my family’s favorites. This was really good and the beef was so tender.


Pork Sisig

I was hesitant to try this at first cause it looked to creamy to me. I am not a fan of putting mayonnaise on my sisig so I was kind of expecting that, but surprisingly this wasn’t!! My family enjoyed it so much that up to this date my Dad is still mentioning this…and asking me when we’ll go back.


My sister’s Slow Roasted Beef Belly


These photos are not blog worthy so I just made a collage 

Lola’s Baked Cream Dory ; Jejekid’s Hickory Smoked Barbecue Pork Belly ; and Remo’s Louisiana Pork Chops


My Mom’s Seafood Pomodoro

My Mom ordered pasta cause it’s my birthday. This was really delicious and I think I will order this again when I come back for lunch someday haha


Daddy’s Callos

His favorite! Once he sees callos on the menu he wouldn’t try and look at something else anymore.


Braised Lamb Shank

I ordered this cause I wanted to treat myself, and cause it’s the most appealing to me on the menu.On special occasions like my birthday, I like to order dishes that has a lot of “effort” in it.

This was rather disappointing, that funky lamb taste was still there and my food was not plated nicely – the dressing from my salad and the sauce from the lamb were touching each other. this was supposed to come with a couscous but since I like to eat something “fresh” in every meal, I opted for a salad.

I don’t know if it was just me and my “this restaurant is not birthday worthy for me” or Relish is just one of those “lunch worthy or we just want to try” restaurants. Food came really fast, which is a good thing BUT it also tasted like it was prepared ahead and reheated.


Free birthday cake! 🙂

All the servers thought I was the youngest, so they handed this to my brother first…then jejekid………then my sister!


Uhm, hello?? That’s mine hahaha




Wherever it is, what’s important is that I am with my family for my birthday <3

P.S.: Ate Ann, our cook for more than 10 years now came with us to dinner to celebrate 🙂


Hello, 23

Hello, Happiness! <3



The only thing I requested for my birthday..

my favorite cake from The Bellevue Manila!!!!! <3 

I asked my Dad to hold it back a little on the size this time cause I do not want to feel guilty for eating this glorious cake everyday for a week! <3

They forgot to put Renzo’s name (LMAO)


Best Daddy ever <3


Coolest Mom


Will always be a Lola’s girl <3


Wore this white dress from Love Culture

Yeaaaap, white outfits for my birthday 🙂

300th: Good Morning, 23


Happiness at 23!


R <3

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