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Of Wisdom and Courage

Hello. dolls!! 🙂 I am bacccck! Back here in Baltimore and back blogging 🙂 It has been an amazing but very exhausting past week. I am still trying to adjust to the weather and time here, and it’s not easy. February 2013 was not THIS cold, and I just came from a tropical country, so yeah this crazy cold weather is really giving me a hard time. And on another note, I am still jet lagged (yikes) I got here on Monday the 24th and I thought I could fight it but it’s hard cause the weather makes me want to hug my bed all daaaaay. So yeah, my schedule is pretty messed up cause I sleep at 6:30 PM and wake up between 1:30-2:45 AM. To make my situation more exciting, I haven’t unpacked my suitcases yet. I left almost 5 balikbayan boxes of stuff last year and I still have 1 box to attend to…then I can start on the stuff that I brought from MNL!

It seems pretty crazy…but I am loving it! (Except the weather of course). I love being busy, and I know March will be just as crazy. I have a lot of things to pay attention to – things to learn – submit important documents – and make all my career plans happen! I could be really really overwhelmed now,crying and depressed…but I am not (and hopefully I won’t be..ever). The support and love that I get from my family in the Philippines, my family here, friends and A makes it really easy for me to get through each day here. And of course, the strength that God blesses me with 24/7 is what keeps me going.


I really want to post something recent but my usb cable is somewhere in my luggage and I am too cold (or lazy) to scramble through my stuff.

Since it’s a Friday, there is not better way than to reminisce about my family’s Friday ritual —- eat dinner together (Chinese food preferably) and go to Quiapo Church after 🙂



Of Afternoon Cocktails

Soul Sisters

Hello dolls!! 🙂 I woke up today feeling more excited. I can’t believe how close I am to the “soon” that I’ve been saying for the past 5 months. I know this HUGE decision in my life will bring me nothing but fulfillment. This road is meant for me, I know it. I’ve been blessed since day 1, and I promise that I will live each day being grateful.

Time is moving too fast and I know I feel that way cause I have been extremely busy over the past few crazy busy. My phone has been ringing like it’s my birthday and I am still trying to figure out how I will be able to hangout with everyone that I love without sacrificing time for my family.



You see, I like reading stuff – articles, books or anything that entices me. “buzzfeed”,”thoughtcatalog”, and the like has been all over our news feeds on Facebook and I try not to “re-post” everything that I see, but when I do,I try to share my thoughts/feelings about it.


Every week, Alyza and I would set a day for our “afternoon date”. I like going out after I eat lunch with my parents and be home before dinner. Having lunch/dinner with my family is really important to me, it’s what I look forward to each day…and each week I look forward to my “afternoon date” with my favorite food buddy here in MNL. (more…)

Ba Noi’s

01.18.2014: Meaningful Saturdays

Hello, dolls!!! 🙂 I can’t believe it’s already Sunday (insert 1 million exclamation points here). Time is moving waaaay too fast. For the past week I’ve been really busy making each day special for my family and the people that I love. You see, nowadays,  I find more gratification in making my family’s day extra special than to do the things that I love…or used to love. 

Before, I would spend my weekends hanging/dining our with friends, not that I do not like doing this anymore…but it’s just that, I feel like Saturday nights are more fun when you spend it with the people who truly make you happy.I am so over the jejecrowd here, if I want to have some drinks and go “clubbing” I can just wait for another week (or 2 since I will be in MD on a Monday) and be my crazy self there and not sacrifice time for my family.

#throwback: Cause I am excited and not sad this time

Washington,DC –

Taste of DC –


Saturday for us is all about “the” dinner. We can do whatever we want in the morning, but we always have to eat dinner together.


My homie

Food x Outfit Entry



10 days

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 🙂 I am going to work on this entry now before I get caught up with my “Valentine’s Day kitchen lovin’ “. I’ve been in the kitchen since noon, preparing stuff for tonight’s dinner. I am tooooo excited!! Valentine’s day is a family thing for me, you know haha. It’s such a shame that the man that gave me my first REAL Valentine’s day is at the other side of the globe, and I know it sounds a little silly but I am not sad that we are not together. We still found a way (especially him) to make our V-day special, and like I said earlier… Valentine’s has always been a family thing for me 😉

Yesterday, I was finally able to say that I really am leaving soon. I am still not emotional as of now. which is a good thing. Cause the last time I left for the states, I was already bawling my eyes out a month before my departure. I know this is not going to be as sad as before, cause I will not be away for the entire year. I am hastagging “MNL2014” in my head cause I am going to make it happen…anything for the man that I love the most <3


Lucky 7!


Had to go through this before January 7! 😐 #Hassle


Rooftop Party: Coachella on December



12.22.13: Of hosting dinners

Hello, dolls!!! 🙂 We are only 3 days away from Valentine’s day and I am so excited!! I know most of you are looking forward on spending that lovely day with your special someone wink wink. I, on the other hand, is so thrilled to be with my favorite Vday dates — my parents!! My Dad has always made it special for me since..ever. I am planning to do something that I am good at for them this coming Friday…and I can’t wait to share it on this blog,hopefully SOON and not 3 months late.

For MZATC’s annual Christmas dinner, we had a “Coachella themed” party. Since we couldn’t all go to California, we brought Coachella to us…anyway we are just up for the dressing up part if ever we can so whatevs lol.I like themed dinners! It makes it easier for me to come up with a menu and cook more than 2 dishes.A  themed dinner will not be complete without dressing the part,that’s the second best thing about it — I get to dress up!. I’ve been crazy about hosting parties lately, and this is just one of the many rooftop parties that I will be sharing on this blog 🙂

#throwback: Cause it’ll be like this again. Wonderful memories in Charm City

First month –

First Timer –


Merry Christmas, MZATC!!!! <3


Kitchen Diaries: Chicken Lasagna x Beer Battered Fish

11.16.13: What Saturday looks like

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 It’s the second Sunday of the month, and I can just feel how close I am to flying again when I stretch my arms. The excitement has kicked in already and I plan to keep it that way! Only good vibes and no loneliness, that’s what I am aiming for! I could be a long shot but what the heck? I made it possible this past October and I know I can do it again.

#throwback: Speaking of excitement, I can’t help but reminisce about all the wonderful dinners A and I had in Baltimore. We already have a list of the restaurants that we will visit when I get back and I can’t waaaaaait!

Woodberry –

Clementine –

Ten Ten –

Pasta Plus –

Cause we love BRUNCH! –

Anyway, since I had an amazing day in our kitchen yesterday resulting to a very successful Japanese themed dinner, I am going to give you a glimpse of how I spend my Saturdays.



EDSA Shangri-La, Manila: HEAT

10.13.13: Sunday’s Best

Hello dolls!!! 🙂 I only have 10 minutes to finish this blog (good luck to me) so this is not going to be long. Today is Friday, and it’s a thing for our family to go to Quiapo church after dinner. I just made something delish that the piggies enjoyed and I want to be more productive so I am going to post this entry before we leave!! Haha

#Throwback: Since my departure is getting closer and closer by the minute, I can’t help but be excited of all the awesome adventures that A and I are going to have. Our first year together has been nothing but ah-mah-zing and we plan to keep it that way 🙂 Here are a couple of trips that really made my 2012/2013 extra awesome! 🙂

Hershey Park –

Georgetown Cupcakes –

Cause tomorrow I am hosting a Japanese Night –


For A’s last day Sunday in Manila, we went to EDSA Shangri-la’s HEAT.

We were supposed to go to Spiral, but they were full that night 😐 I knew I should’ve called days before!

I tried my best to take photos of each station, but A and I were too busy devising our “buffet plan”. It really helps to have a food buddy cause I get to taste everything that I want and share the calories with someone! :))


Of Forever Roomies

10.24.13: The greatest paycheck is not money

Hello dolls!!! 🙂 Happy #tbt day!!  I am really hesitant if I should post an entry today, cause I feel like I’ve hit my limit when it comes to updating my social network accounts.Yup, 1 twit, a #tbt on Instagram, and an outfit post on Lookbook seems a lot to me now! Beofre I make your eyebrows raise with my weirdness, here I am, writing an entry cause I need to organize the clutter on my desktop. It’s that time of the month again, where in I feel uneasy about the huge mess that I’ve created on my hard drive. So you know how I try to make my posts “appropriate” with how I am feeling, or my silly fun life? Well I think this one hits the #tbt category, probably my favorite cause it gives me an excuse to post all the photos I “forgot” to upload.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the exciting feeling of flying again. How soon it is going to happen and how amazing things will be. I talk to myself…just like this…so I can forget that at the other side there is still loneliness.


Of flying alone –

All over again –


10 days after A left MNL, I had the opportunity to see the person who helped me make things “happen” and be with the people who made my journey almost a year ago extra exciting.


KitchenDiaries: Chocolate Almond Fudge

“The ability to make people think is a wonderful gift”

I often question myself why I blog and not call myself a…blogger. I don’t know about you, but I respect every title there is in this world. Like how I take the word “Chef” seriously, and work hard to be deserving to be called one.I still feel shy when someone calls me a blogger, I feel like I am trespassing the zone of the people who actually works hard for it, like those who actually do it for a living. I think that I exist on WordPress as a person who likes to talk about life and share wonderful photos.Inspire readers through my passion for cooking, love for fashion, and the beauty of being a daughter/sister/lover.


Before I learned about angles and lighting –


Anyway, since I’ve been spending a glorious amount of time in our kitchen I will talk about food.

Also, I have been very diligent in taking food photos that are Instagram/Wordpress worthy. So I have to keep this moving, along  all the other backlogs that I have piled up on my desktop. #SMH


The Lobby at Peninsula Manila: Afternoon Tea

10.12.2013: His Princess

Hello dolls!! 🙂 February just started and I can already feel that it will bring me nothing but happiness everyday.This entry couldn’t be more timely cause I just hosted an afternoon tea party for my favorite girls yesterday. I really want talk about how lovely and successful the tea party was, but I need to be diligent to this blog,and the wonderful photos I have on my desktop waiting to be shared,so I will just share this one first.

BUUUUT before I do so, let me give you a little #throwback again.Don’t worry guys, this will be over before you even know it. My love for throwback will come to an end soon….hopefully.

Anyway, since I am going to talk about a delightful dining experience,  let me share with you some of my favorite casual food adventures here in Manila.

Van Gogh is Biploar –

Jupiter, Makati –

Relik –


Every girl wants to be treated like a Princess. Lucky for me, I have the 2 most amazing men in my life who never fails to make me feel like one, everyday. A has been nothing but a gentleman to me since the first time we met. I know it sounds really cheesy but he really is, you know?A tall, handsome, and amazing gentleman!

I never thought that one day, I would look and feel like a princess on a date. Don’t judge me but, ever since A came into my life, all I can think about the previous dates that I’ve had are…crappy. Especially to the ex who brought me to a food court almost every Saturday. Like c’mon dude, my Dad feeds me delicious food everyday! I would rather be home.


Forever21plus2: My Kind of Party

11.30.2013: 22 days

Hello dolls! 🙂 It’s the first day of the month and I feel ambivalent about it.For the past few days, I’ve made things happen and did everything that I want to do, and I plant to keep it like that. I always get into this juncture when I am about to leave, like I try my best not to go that depressing sappy lane of “separation anxiety” or “SEPANX” as they call it now lol. I think I still have to muster up the art of putting a brave face for that “airport moment”, A and I did a great job this past October, and I want that to happen as well a few weeks from now. “It’s not going to be for too long, so there’s no reason to be sad”.

Anyway,this a “drama free” blog now, I am going to stop from there and go on with my last entry about my 23rd birthday! 🙂 BUUUUT before I do so let me share with you my #throwback for this weekend! 🙂

Since it now the first day of February, or the “love month” as hopeless romantics puts it, here are a couple of my favorite entries

With my favorite Valentine’s dates –

Just like Anthony Bourdain –

Hot Air Balloon Experience –

Hot Air Ballon Experience II –


birthday dinner with girlfriends at my favorite place to celebrate, our rooftop! 🙂


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