The Lobby at Peninsula Manila: Afternoon Tea

10.12.2013: His Princess

Hello dolls!! 🙂 February just started and I can already feel that it will bring me nothing but happiness everyday.This entry couldn’t be more timely cause I just hosted an afternoon tea party for my favorite girls yesterday. I really want talk about how lovely and successful the tea party was, but I need to be diligent to this blog,and the wonderful photos I have on my desktop waiting to be shared,so I will just share this one first.

BUUUUT before I do so, let me give you a little #throwback again.Don’t worry guys, this will be over before you even know it. My love for throwback will come to an end soon….hopefully.

Anyway, since I am going to talk about a delightful dining experience,  let me share with you some of my favorite casual food adventures here in Manila.

Van Gogh is Biploar –

Jupiter, Makati –

Relik –


Every girl wants to be treated like a Princess. Lucky for me, I have the 2 most amazing men in my life who never fails to make me feel like one, everyday. A has been nothing but a gentleman to me since the first time we met. I know it sounds really cheesy but he really is, you know?A tall, handsome, and amazing gentleman!

I never thought that one day, I would look and feel like a princess on a date. Don’t judge me but, ever since A came into my life, all I can think about the previous dates that I’ve had are…crappy. Especially to the ex who brought me to a food court almost every Saturday. Like c’mon dude, my Dad feeds me delicious food everyday! I would rather be home.


I am happy that A and Mrs. S introduced me to “afternoon/high tea”. Like I said before, I fell in love with tea all over again.

I love everything classy and being a lady. I love moments like this one, where in we sat down, talked about life and life over delicious food in a very beautiful place like  Manila Peninsula.


How gorgeous is this tea set?

This is love at first sight!



We arrived in Manila Peninsula at 5PM. Traffic was really bad and to make things more challenging for us, we got lost…cause I am bad at giving directions lol. Anyway, we were so worried that we wouldn’t make it and I was already looking at my calendar trying to think if I can cancel something before his departure just so we can make this happen. So glad that we got there with still an hour and a half to enjoy the delicious spread of food.



They had this “Candy crush” theme going on so there were a good amount of desserts!

I tried my best to take photos of everything…but again, I got too shy! haha




Cheese? Anyone?

Will always be a cheese lover!!!


Arroz Caldo

Cause A is a fake Asian!!! He got too ecstatic when he saw this.


They served Filipino food at the buffet which I think is awesome for A!


Tea Sandwiches

We tried EVERYTHING. The beauty of eating with A is that he understands how MUCH I love to try every food that I see, and how bad I am in finishing what I order at times when my guilt is kicking in. He is my favorite person to share my calories with and lucky for me…he has a big appetite!


My favorite part..and A’s nightmare! Haha.


Delicious tea x Happy Tummies in a lovely place! 🙂


Happiness <3


Cause I love how my hair looked that day <3 haha


R <3

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