KitchenDiaries: Chocolate Almond Fudge

“The ability to make people think is a wonderful gift”

I often question myself why I blog and not call myself a…blogger. I don’t know about you, but I respect every title there is in this world. Like how I take the word “Chef” seriously, and work hard to be deserving to be called one.I still feel shy when someone calls me a blogger, I feel like I am trespassing the zone of the people who actually works hard for it, like those who actually do it for a living. I think that I exist on WordPress as a person who likes to talk about life and share wonderful photos.Inspire readers through my passion for cooking, love for fashion, and the beauty of being a daughter/sister/lover.


Before I learned about angles and lighting –


Anyway, since I’ve been spending a glorious amount of time in our kitchen I will talk about food.

Also, I have been very diligent in taking food photos that are Instagram/Wordpress worthy. So I have to keep this moving, along  all the other backlogs that I have piled up on my desktop. #SMH


My sister likes to watch cooking shows, which is very ironic cause she is a very picky eater who enjoys slicing/mixing food.

She was smitten by the chocolate fudge that they did on some show on Food Network, and asked me if I can try and do some.


Since we had a bag of almonds at home, I added some to my chocolate-marshmallow fudge.

Everyone in this house loves almonds. So it was a good call to add some.


Fudge is very easy to make. And since I am maarte and don’t want my guilt to haunt me down, I cut down on the amount of sugar and marshmallows….. which turned out to be another “good call” cause the level of sweetness was just right for everyone



My little “fudgy” baby!

And yes, the texture was excellent! It didn’t come out too hard like candy (so I know I did it right) and it stood up to its name…”fudge” <3


A little extra for tonight, cause I think this cake and these photos deserves a spot on my blog! 🙂


My Dad’s birthday cake


I love how each whole cake comes with a cake knife.  Very convenient!


..and how your beautiful baby is safely packaged in a box with handles. No need to worry about your cake looking like someone tried to eat the icing when you get home!


Anyway, so I got the cake with the thickest frosting. Cause I love frosting too much I can just have a slice of….frosting/icing! haha #whut


Another thing that I appreciated was how they put special messages on cookies. Very neat looking….and kawaii! 🙂



 Look at that thick yummy baby!!!!


R <3

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