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10.24.13: The greatest paycheck is not money

Hello dolls!!! 🙂 Happy #tbt day!!  I am really hesitant if I should post an entry today, cause I feel like I’ve hit my limit when it comes to updating my social network accounts.Yup, 1 twit, a #tbt on Instagram, and an outfit post on Lookbook seems a lot to me now! Beofre I make your eyebrows raise with my weirdness, here I am, writing an entry cause I need to organize the clutter on my desktop. It’s that time of the month again, where in I feel uneasy about the huge mess that I’ve created on my hard drive. So you know how I try to make my posts “appropriate” with how I am feeling, or my silly fun life? Well I think this one hits the #tbt category, probably my favorite cause it gives me an excuse to post all the photos I “forgot” to upload.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the exciting feeling of flying again. How soon it is going to happen and how amazing things will be. I talk to myself…just like this…so I can forget that at the other side there is still loneliness.


Of flying alone – http://riannagalvez.com/2012/03/16/on-the-fly/

All over again – http://riannagalvez.com/2012/03/15/see-you-soon-manila/


10 days after A left MNL, I had the opportunity to see the person who helped me make things “happen” and be with the people who made my journey almost a year ago extra exciting.


The person who taught me taught me how to use the washing machine, what “chores” really is, and understood my “emotional couch” days. #RoomieLove


Cause I feel old when they call me Ate.


The main reason why I decided to go to this dinner.

The biggest paycheck that I got during my first 365 days in BCC does not come with a dollar sign. The greatest rewards of  the hard work that I’ve done are those that money can’t buy—- the chance to meet the person that made me fall in love again, those “rock and roll” services that made me love cooking more, the times that I was able to make my family happy,and the opportunity to help my siblings grow and be successful.

It amazes me how I can already foresee how amazing the next 2 years will be. I am so happy that I made it possible for my sister!!! <3


Cause an awesome night should not end early.

Celebratory shots!


Baltimore will not be the same without these 2 girls! 😐




Before I proceed….

This is what happens when you rush and panic at the same time when blow drying your hair. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, kids!

It hurts and it’s annoying.

Rushed myself that day when I realized I only had 30 minutes to get myself ready! Hair got stuck in the blow-dryer and all I can think about is how silly I will look after.

P.S. It’s crazy cause I just had my hair dyed the day before…and this happened! lol


I had mixed feelings about corset dresses before. I’ve always thought that I would look ridiculous in it.

Well at least that’s how I felt when I was still 20 pounds heavier!


My sister gave me this dress as a “welcome back” present. This was one of the dresses that made me go and say “okay, you have to lose weight PRONTO!”


This is how it looks on me. I really love how it hugs my body 🙂 I will definitely wear this again! 🙂


I also love the color!!! And to make the outfit standout more, I paired it with my super hot red heels! If I can wear red heels everyday, I would!


I did not want to be overdressed as well, so I cut down on the accessories and just wore my favorite “Eiffel Tower” necklace to represent one of my dreams with my sister —- to travel more!


And to add a little sexiness, I used my “riri woo” mac lipstick!

I am too crazy for red lippies!!


…and this is my hair tied up

yay or nay?:)


R <3

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