EDSA Shangri-La, Manila: HEAT

10.13.13: Sunday’s Best

Hello dolls!!! 🙂 I only have 10 minutes to finish this blog (good luck to me) so this is not going to be long. Today is Friday, and it’s a thing for our family to go to Quiapo church after dinner. I just made something delish that the piggies enjoyed and I want to be more productive so I am going to post this entry before we leave!! Haha

#Throwback: Since my departure is getting closer and closer by the minute, I can’t help but be excited of all the awesome adventures that A and I are going to have. Our first year together has been nothing but ah-mah-zing and we plan to keep it that way 🙂 Here are a couple of trips that really made my 2012/2013 extra awesome! 🙂

Hershey Park – http://riannagalvez.com/2012/06/17/hershey-park-2012/

Georgetown Cupcakes – http://riannagalvez.com/2012/07/06/georgetown-cupcake-2/

Cause tomorrow I am hosting a Japanese Night –http://riannagalvez.com/2012/11/14/rianna-dreams-of-sushi-3/


For A’s last day Sunday in Manila, we went to EDSA Shangri-la’s HEAT.

We were supposed to go to Spiral, but they were full that night 😐 I knew I should’ve called days before!

I tried my best to take photos of each station, but A and I were too busy devising our “buffet plan”. It really helps to have a food buddy cause I get to taste everything that I want and share the calories with someone! :))


Dim Sum Station (and my brother)

A got too excited for this that he almost took the buddha home with him!


Ramen Station

I had a delicious bowl of laksa, my first love!!! 🙂

A had ramen, of course!


Ladies, find a man who will love your family the same way you do <3

In between the two greatest men in my life <3


Sooooo clooooose!!! <3 Can’t wait!


Mirror Selfie before we went out for dinner!

Too in love with this dress! Will definitely wear it again!!!!! (and take better outfit photos!)


10.11.13: Chinatown Friday

One of A’s request is to go to Ongpin, Manila’s Chinatown (he is a fake Asian like that). Every Friday aside from going to Quiapo church, my Dad sees to it that we eat delicious food. And yes, I do not like going out on Fridays because I think what my family does is so much better than being in a loud crowded place full of drunk kids. Anyway, we always eat in a chinese restaurant before going to church,but since I’ve been cooking a lot at home lately, we skip the restaurant part — just like today.


Ying Ying is one of our favorite chinese restaurants in Ongpin. We’ve been to a lot but this one’s on our top 3!


Dim Sum ; Bok Choy ; Cold Cuts


Steamed Shrimp ; Spareribs ; Peking Duck 2 ways

Some of the delicious food that we had. I was not able to take photos of everything cause jejekid and A were too excited to eat!



R <3

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