Kitchen Diaries: Chicken Lasagna x Beer Battered Fish

11.16.13: What Saturday looks like

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 It’s the second Sunday of the month, and I can just feel how close I am to flying again when I stretch my arms. The excitement has kicked in already and I plan to keep it that way! Only good vibes and no loneliness, that’s what I am aiming for! I could be a long shot but what the heck? I made it possible this past October and I know I can do it again.

#throwback: Speaking of excitement, I can’t help but reminisce about all the wonderful dinners A and I had in Baltimore. We already have a list of the restaurants that we will visit when I get back and I can’t waaaaaait!

Woodberry –

Clementine –

Ten Ten –

Pasta Plus –

Cause we love BRUNCH! –

Anyway, since I had an amazing day in our kitchen yesterday resulting to a very successful Japanese themed dinner, I am going to give you a glimpse of how I spend my Saturdays.


What do you do when you have a huge bottle of kirkland caesar dressing that you don’t like? Make Chicken Caesar Lasagna! 

I don’t know why I gave in…but I was craving for caesar salad, and all I can think about is how delicious the table-side salad that A and I had in Ram’s Head Inn for our anniversary. I swear, I really don’t know why I bought that bottle of caesar dressing that tasted like mayonnaise with extra lemon and garlic.

Since I did not want to put it to waste, I looked into a couple of recipes that I can possibly use it for..and one is lasagna.


Lasagna is very easy to make, and since I already have one ingredient that I am not really happy about, I tried to fancy it up by adding stuff that I know my family would love.

Chicken – Cheese (lots of it) – Mushroom – Spinach – Sun-dried Tomato – and Cream! 


A full stove, is a happy stove!


Sauteed the mushroom and sun-dried tomato together in sunflower seed oil

I really like how vibrant it looks and how all the colors blend in together! 🙂


Mozzarella Cheese on top, cheddar and parmesan cheese in the sauce 🙂



Fresh from the oven!!!!




Was really happy that I was able to finish half of the bottle after making this! 🙂


Really happy with how it turned out! 🙂


A little treat for my piggies <3

Fish and  (no) chips – cause we already have the lasagna and I did not want to be tempted haha


My sister went crazy over this…that after that night, this has been a staple in our home!


Mmmm <3



Choose your weapon

I have 2 new babies to add but yeah… I took this photo weeks ago but this is just to give you a hint of what I will be posting next. I hid my jars of nutella and reese’s from my brother cause he can finish both in 3 days! So I’ve been using some of these in making desserts 🙂 

Anyway, my favorites are Lily’s Coco Jam and Lily’s Peanut Butter!!!!! OMG if only I can bring 2 jars of each with me!!! 🙁

So what’s your weapon?:)


R <3


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