Rooftop Party: Coachella on December



12.22.13: Of hosting dinners

Hello, dolls!!! 🙂 We are only 3 days away from Valentine’s day and I am so excited!! I know most of you are looking forward on spending that lovely day with your special someone wink wink. I, on the other hand, is so thrilled to be with my favorite Vday dates — my parents!! My Dad has always made it special for me since..ever. I am planning to do something that I am good at for them this coming Friday…and I can’t wait to share it on this blog,hopefully SOON and not 3 months late.

For MZATC’s annual Christmas dinner, we had a “Coachella themed” party. Since we couldn’t all go to California, we brought Coachella to us…anyway we are just up for the dressing up part if ever we can so whatevs lol.I like themed dinners! It makes it easier for me to come up with a menu and cook more than 2 dishes.A  themed dinner will not be complete without dressing the part,that’s the second best thing about it — I get to dress up!. I’ve been crazy about hosting parties lately, and this is just one of the many rooftop parties that I will be sharing on this blog 🙂

#throwback: Cause it’ll be like this again. Wonderful memories in Charm City

First month –

First Timer –


Merry Christmas, MZATC!!!! <3


Greek Salad

Feta cheese and vinaigrette were served on the side…just because. haha


Made tomato-basil bruschetta for appetizer 🙂


Say hello to my Chicken Forestiere 🙂 


A party staple… my paella.


Table for 8 please! 🙂

Special plates for a special night 😉


…and before dinner is make-up time! lol

Will definitely miss our make-up slash sleepover nights here at home!!


with my Gelay!


Desserts and wine time




So much love for these girls!


We got heart shaped shades from Diane for Christmas!! Awesomeeee


…and we didn’t care how dark it was! We still wore them!


You know, for instagram purposes! lol




Our boyfriends for the night! LOL


Some of my favorite Christmas presents slash “the only 3 that I was able to take a photo of”

A box of Raffaello from my loving Sissy ; Gorgeous watch organizer from Alyza ; and the cutest grater ever from my bestfriend Maricor! How cute is that packaging?




My outfit, was once again, very last minute. The problem that I always have when hosting parties is that I only have a VERY very small amount of time for myself.

Having my sister’s closet beside mine is a blessing…for me at least hahaha.

Borrowed this studded ombre shorts from her 🙂


She gave me this floral corset for Christmas (or was it my birthday?) 2 years ago, and I am so happy that I finally got to wear it!

Made my outfit look more “me” by pairing with my favorite sandals from shoedazzle


Instant retro look with the hippie bands and heart shaped sunnies that I got from my baby girl, Diane! 🙂


One peace sign = kawaii

2 peace signs = hippie




From where I sit.


R <3

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