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01.18.2014: Meaningful Saturdays

Hello, dolls!!! 🙂 I can’t believe it’s already Sunday (insert 1 million exclamation points here). Time is moving waaaay too fast. For the past week I’ve been really busy making each day special for my family and the people that I love. You see, nowadays,  I find more gratification in making my family’s day extra special than to do the things that I love…or used to love. 

Before, I would spend my weekends hanging/dining our with friends, not that I do not like doing this anymore…but it’s just that, I feel like Saturday nights are more fun when you spend it with the people who truly make you happy.I am so over the jejecrowd here, if I want to have some drinks and go “clubbing” I can just wait for another week (or 2 since I will be in MD on a Monday) and be my crazy self there and not sacrifice time for my family.

#throwback: Cause I am excited and not sad this time

Washington,DC –

Taste of DC –


Saturday for us is all about “the” dinner. We can do whatever we want in the morning, but we always have to eat dinner together.


My homie

Food x Outfit Entry


Cha Gio

A mixture of ground pork and vegetables wrapped and deep fried.

A.K.A. lumpia for us Filipinos and “egg rolls” for Americans! haha


Deep fried to perfection and the pork filling was really good! 😉


Pho Bo

Beef noodle Soup


This was soooo good.

My brothers are not a fan of “very” Asian broths and basil (corny). But my parents really liked this as well! 🙂 Yumms


Goi Cuon

My favorite!!! Everyone’s favorite!!! YUMMS! I can eat this forever!

…and yes, after this I started making this at home! haha


Bo Luc Lac

Spiced Beef Served with Fried Basil

Soooo tender and juicy. Had ours cooked medium.


Salt x Pepper x Lime for dipping?


Ca Kho To

Deep fried catfish


Suon Nong Xa

Pan fried pork riblets flavored with lemongrass


My dinner will not be complete without greens!


After dinner we went to Dulcelin. So happy they finally have a restaurant that is every accessible to us! 🙂


Forzen Strawberry Cake

Perfect for strawberry lovers!:)


Callebaut Chocolate Ganache Cake

Uhhhhh SOOOO GOOD!!!!!! OMG had to stop myslef so I won’t feel guilty the day after


Mango Torte

The best in Manila…and what they are known for!!! Sooo goood!




We had an amazing weather this past January. I know most of the people here in Manila loved it! Especially those who loves to dress up like me, cause we finally got to wear our booties!! 🙂


I brought most of my babies (shoes) home from the US, even though I know I would come back. I just can’t…I can’t leave them… Just thinking about how I NEED/HAVE to leave at least half of them for less than a year is already breaking my heart <////3 Anyway, so I am not really sure why I brought this pair home..all I know is God heard me when I said “I need to them at least before I go back to the US”


Sweater: Topshop


Bandage Skirt: Forever21



Accessories: (left wrist) H&M

Heart Ring: Forever21




Curled my hair for less than 10 minutes and I am so glad that it turned out how I want it to be!!! 🙂


R <3

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