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Hello dolls!! 🙂 I woke up today feeling more excited. I can’t believe how close I am to the “soon” that I’ve been saying for the past 5 months. I know this HUGE decision in my life will bring me nothing but fulfillment. This road is meant for me, I know it. I’ve been blessed since day 1, and I promise that I will live each day being grateful.

Time is moving too fast and I know I feel that way cause I have been extremely busy over the past few days..like crazy busy. My phone has been ringing like it’s my birthday and I am still trying to figure out how I will be able to hangout with everyone that I love without sacrificing time for my family.



You see, I like reading stuff – articles, books or anything that entices me. “buzzfeed”,”thoughtcatalog”, and the like has been all over our news feeds on Facebook and I try not to “re-post” everything that I see, but when I do,I try to share my thoughts/feelings about it.


Every week, Alyza and I would set a day for our “afternoon date”. I like going out after I eat lunch with my parents and be home before dinner. Having lunch/dinner with my family is really important to me, it’s what I look forward to each day…and each week I look forward to my “afternoon date” with my favorite food buddy here in MNL.

So this is a round-up of some of my lunch dates with Alyza. There will be more in the future, I promise 😉


Hatch22’s Not-Your-Ordinary Eggs Benedict

The reason why we went to Hatch22.

I have this rule about “mainstreams”… I try to stay away from them.  I can only think of a few times that I gave in and said “screw this, I’m trying it” and I think Hatch22’s NYOB is my third.

Before we went here, I’ve always thought that people are just making a big fuss about it cause it is owned by celebrities…. BUUUUUT


this baby is soooooo gooooood! I love eggs benedict and this….this was perfect!


Falafel Salad

This was really good as well. I love falafel and after having this, I’ve decided that I will try and make some for myself at home..and I did! Happiness!


Cocktails are always present when we meet. Thanks to this girl, I am enjoying wine and alcoholic beverages now!

Beer is still a no no for me haha


Food. Location. Ambiance. BIG CHECK!




Jack’s Loft


Not sure if this was weng-weng but I remember it being too sweet that I had to return it. I am not the one who likes to return my food or drink, if there’s something wrong I try to keep it to myself (and post it on this blog a few months after lol). But I did not want it to go to waste so I had to.

I like fruity drinks! If I can’t choose anything from the menu, I try to request for a “strawberry” mojito! Yup… I am still learning how to drink and I still can’t do straight up shots! haha


Asian Salad from My Thai Kitchen

Thought to myself.. “I just made sesame dressing last night, and had it for lunch earlier…mine’s better”. 

The dressing tasted like it was pure hoisin sauce. 😐



I like to go to Borough when I am in Podium cause I love their cookies.

It was my first time to go there for drinks and I am so glad that I went there with 2 of my favorite girls! 🙂


Ordered myself some Tom Colins cause it reminded me of the drink that A had for his birthday in Shangri La Hong Kong! 🙂


…and some chips with sour cream and onion dip cause I like munching on anything with dips! haha


So happy that Jho was able to have cocktails with us! 🙂


#MirrorSelfie #OOTD

Yup, I love hashtags too much I can change my name to #Rianna



Paire Cocktails and Pastries

I had this place bookmarked for almost 2 years before we went there. Before, I was like “oh one day, I will appreciate cocktails more and I will go there”. And I finally did, after 2 years! lol


Restaurants with beautiful interior design allures me. Cute, cool, classy or whatever…anything that can make me want to take photos in every corner will be part of my list.

Yes, I have a list of restaurants that I want to go to.Categorized in every city of every country that I want to visit. 


I’m a sucker for quirky things. LIKE!


Halo-Halo Cocktail

cause I missed halo-halo so much!!!


I was feeling sick that day so I don’t know if it was just me or everything were just TOO sweet.

I asked them to separate the strawberry and pineapple cause I wanted to taste their “halo-halo cocktail mix” first without the other flavorings.

This was…uhh I don’t know. It tasted like milk with a small hint of liquor.


Alyza and I got this platter for 2 with 4 desserts and 4 shots.


I wasn’t able to take not of all the shots…but they all tasted the same to me SWEET!

We had ice cream chip ; some cupcake ; whoopie pie ; and almond slice (my favorite)



Had fever for 3 days after this.


R <3

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