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Hello. dolls!! 🙂 I am bacccck! Back here in Baltimore and back blogging 🙂 It has been an amazing but very exhausting past week. I am still trying to adjust to the weather and time here, and it’s not easy. February 2013 was not THIS cold, and I just came from a tropical country, so yeah this crazy cold weather is really giving me a hard time. And on another note, I am still jet lagged (yikes) I got here on Monday the 24th and I thought I could fight it but it’s hard cause the weather makes me want to hug my bed all daaaaay. So yeah, my schedule is pretty messed up cause I sleep at 6:30 PM and wake up between 1:30-2:45 AM. To make my situation more exciting, I haven’t unpacked my suitcases yet. I left almost 5 balikbayan boxes of stuff last year and I still have 1 box to attend to…then I can start on the stuff that I brought from MNL!

It seems pretty crazy…but I am loving it! (Except the weather of course). I love being busy, and I know March will be just as crazy. I have a lot of things to pay attention to – things to learn – submit important documents – and make all my career plans happen! I could be really really overwhelmed now,crying and depressed…but I am not (and hopefully I won’t be..ever). The support and love that I get from my family in the Philippines, my family here, friends and A makes it really easy for me to get through each day here. And of course, the strength that God blesses me with 24/7 is what keeps me going.


I really want to post something recent but my usb cable is somewhere in my luggage and I am too cold (or lazy) to scramble through my stuff.

Since it’s a Friday, there is not better way than to reminisce about my family’s Friday ritual —- eat dinner together (Chinese food preferably) and go to Quiapo Church after 🙂


My Dad and I likes the same kind of food, that’s why everyday we try to eat together. He brought me to Daily Veggie one afternoon…before my oral surgery.

We are not vegans, but we love eating vegetables.

DV’s Dumpling Soup

The dumplings were stuffed with fresh veggies! Which I totally loved! <3


It was our first time to go there, and we were both having a hard time trying to choose what to order cause we like everything! So we had to ask for their bestseller and they recommended this.. Sizzling Tao Pao Roll.


And since my Dad loves oysters, I ordered their fried oysters made with veggie meat for us to try.

It was approximately 20+ pieces for less than a hundred pesos!

This place is so inexpensive and good….

…..that we decided to go again!



For our second time in Daily Veggie, we brought my Mom and sister… 2 of the pickiest eaters that I know! I can say that it did not end well for my sister..but I will keep on pushing until she learns how to eat veggies without gagging hahaha

Steamed and Fried Veggie Dumplings for our appetizer 🙂




The best part of eating here is that I do not feel guilty afterwards :))


My sister’s fried steak made with veggie meat.

This was not bad at all! But they need to work on their gravy.



Bopis is traditionally made with beef/pork lungs and heart so I was pretty intrigued when I saw it on the menu.

DV’s version is made with mushrooms and garnished with basil. It’s a good alternative for Filipino vegans! 🙂



A couple of weeks ago I had my last impacted tooth removed. You might think why it took me 2 years to go back to the Dentist again after my last one. Well, for starters. I did not want to look like Jollibee’s twin sister for more than a week.


My second surgery went perfectly as expected,and it’s funny how it reminded me of the first one. Most of it were the same.

Read about it here



Posted this outside my door.

P.S. My penmanship is not that bad. I promise :))


Tea Time with the family after church

4 days after my surgery. Had to wait for my tea to get really really warm.


Pear Yogurt Smoothie 

Cause ice cream is a no-no for me and I prefer gelato or froyo! 😉

No sugar. Just te natural sweet flavor of the pear. Yumms!


Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie



I love how it came out deliciously sweet without sugar!



Too yummy I had this for a week straight…2-3 times a day!







R <3


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