Kitchen Diaries: You, Me, and the Kitchen


Hello dolls!! 🙂 Wow! I can’t believe it’s Sunday already!! Each week just keeps on getting better and I am looking at more Saturday night outs in the coming month. I am so excited for April mainly because of our anniversary!!! A and I are going to celebrate our second year together soon… yay!! 2 years with the person who I can share and do everything that I love with. Especially COOKING! Our week is not complete without us cooking together and I love how we always find time to try different things each week.

Here are the things that we made in the kitchen during my 2 weeks back in Baltimore.


Jet lag and sudden cravings lead to this.

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Of Love and Sisterhood



01.29.2014: Happy Birthday, Boobie! 

Hello, dolls! 🙂 It is now March 27 in Manila. Meaning, my sister is going to make my parents proud in a few hours from now!! 🙂 I am dedicating this post to her,cause this is the least thing that I can do and I’ve been feeling sad all day cause I really wish I could be there with them to celebrate 🙁 I could just imagine the sumptuous feast that they will be having after the ceremony. I am so proud of my sister cause she made it through college with flying colors. But most of all, I am very happy for my parents!! All the hard work that they’ve done for us and the support that they’ve been giving us since day 1. I wish I could see the look on my Dad’s face when my sister goes up that stage, but I know our hearts are connected and I will be feeling the same joy that they will feel right at that moment. So before I start bawling here, I will end this introduction now and move on to the rest of my entry.

20 pink balloons for her 20th year on earth!!




Surprised her with this afternoon set up on our rooftop! 🙂


Oreo Milk Shake with Whipped Cream for the birthday celebrant

Pastries and Vietnamese Spring Rolls for everyone to share <3

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Our affair with Banana Leaf

Hello dolls!! 🙂 Today marks my first month here in Baltimore, and I can’t believe that it has already been a month!!! It definitely feels longer than that cause I have been productive everyday (or at least I try lol) I couldn’t think of anything better to write about than the beautiful memories that I have with my family before I left. As you all know I suck at keeping up with my time when it comes to updating this blog,  cause mainly I like to appreciate every moment, take all the feelings, and find the right time before I post them here (cause I am just this sentimental). So anyway, my first month here has been nothing but AHHMAHHZING! I wouldn’t have it any other way, the love that my family here shows me and the people I am surrounded with that makes each day bearable are just some of the few reasons why I can still update this blog.


It is happening NOW.


Though we are miles and miles away from each other, my family is still my source of strength and the greatest motivation I have in being better and stronger. I can’t wait to be with them again and show how much I’ve grown since I left!!!

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Half A Month

03.02.14 – 03.09.14

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 Let me tell you upfront that this is going to be lengthy (yup, 20++ photos ahead!). So I am squeezing this in my busy weekend.I meant to post this a few days ago but responsibilities just came knocking on my door, awesome opportunities for that matter. I think I have been overworking myself for the past 3 days that all I want to do now is lay in bed and sleep….BUUUUT I must fight this feeling cause I have another fun night ahead of me!! 🙂 I can’t believe that 2 days from now I will be here for a month already! Meaning, it has been a month since I last hugged my family!!! AAAAAH, but no drama cause I know I can make things happen and in less than a year I will see them again! I promise.


So life has been AMAAAAHZING here, and I think this blog deserves an awesome “update”! 

I’ve been taking lots of photos with my new “baby”, resulting to me uploading 20+ photos for this entry (it’s so hard to choose!!!)


We take our Monday dinners seriously. If we are not out in an awesome restaurant, we are in the kitchen cooking together.

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The Collaboration



02.05.14: Kitchen Hours

Hello, dolls!!! 🙂 I can’t believe that the first half of March just flew by…you know, just like that. I feel like I just got here and every week is another chapter to share. I wish life can slow down for a little bit cause there are things that I need to accomplish before we bid goodbye to March. So yeah, it’s been pretty hectic and partly boring cause I am still…waiting. 

Waiting for school to start!!! Aaaaaah!! I can’t wait to be a better student this time. My confidence level when I was in Culinary school was close to none, don’t ask me why but I’ve always had this big empty room in me where I feel like I just want to fulfill it with all the things that I will learn and just absorb them and be this shy little culinarian who loves to observe. My lack of confidence didn’t stop me from engaging myself to the beauty of Culinary school and be part of some of the great things that happened during my 2 years in CCA. Part of that greatness was meeting exceptional people, I don’t have a lot, but if I can give you a quick rundown I would probably say Joyce first.

I get too gaga over baking, maybe because there’s this sense of me wanting to know more about it since I took up Culinary & Technology Management. People who can make extraordinary food and desserts (Instagram- slash- food- magazine- worthy- type- of- thing) inspire me. So just imagine the happiness that I felt when Joycmessaged me on Facebook, almost a month before my departure, asking me to collaborate with her.


Obligatory MEP shot.


What we dealt with.

5 dishes. 3 cooks. 8 hours together.

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Is it September yet?

Random heaps with the fambam

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 It feels so weird to be home on a Friday night. Usually by this time, my family and I are on our way to Quiapo church for our Friday tradition. It feels different, to be here in my apartment waiting for 10pm to come.But,I know it will feel a lot more different when I have to spend my Friday nights in the kitchen again in a few weeks. So this is me… missing home.

Being away is never going to be easy but I guess it’s just a matter of getting used to and embracing the beauty of my new life. Everyday I wake up and think how blessed I am to be here and how I should be strong and not let my emotions get in the way. So this is me…giving myself a pep talk  HAHA


One of the things that I ultimately miss about home is having dinner with my family. 

I like Korean food! I remember going to a couple of good Korean restaurants with my friends. Back then my family was still adamant about it. I am so glad that they finally gave it a try and LOVED IT!

Thank you, Sariwon!


One of the reasons why I love going to Korean restaurants!

Overflowing healthy appetizers!! <3

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The Second Chapter




02.24.14 – 03.01.14 – Baltimore all over again

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 I just started a new week here…and boy I feel like this “welcome back vibe” is not going to end for another month. Time is moving too fast but my tasks and responsibilities are never ending — not that I’m complaining. I like this…I love this! I love looking forward to the things ahead of me and get them done one by one — just like how I, and everyone else that I love, made my return to Baltimore possible.

Exactly 12 days from today I will mark my first month here for the second time. A little over 2 weeks and I feel like there’s this side in Baltimore that I just don’t want to go to, and it’s crazy cause it’s not even a place. Vague and silly as it may sound but yeah trying to stay away from everyone else’s drama is pretty hard when you have no one with you most of the day.

Anyway, here’s a rundown of what transpired during my first 5 days back here. These are just highlights of each day so yeaaaap.


A and his parents picked me up from the airport — yup I am blessed like that.

I didn’t really feel hungry when I hopped off the plane, and after finding out that Delta left my other luggage in LAX!


We went to the last restaurant I went to last year, before I went back to the Philippines. It’s so nice to be at the last place I’ve been to for my first hour back.

And yes, I like diners here cause they serve omelettes and I LOVE EGGS!


A’s scrapple and my garden omelette.

This breakfast definitely made me feel that I am back in the US! I am not an omelette person in the Philippines, but here… I AM!

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Baking101: Of Firsts



Of afternoon baking at home

Hello, dolls! 🙂 So today is family day, but I keep on forgetting that Sundays here are…different. Back at home, I would usually wake up with my Dad’s “Sunday music” playing on the radio and be greeted with a table full of delicious home-cooked Sunday lunch. Today, I woke up shaking my head cause it’s the first time after almost 2 weeks that I got out of bed at 9AM (uhh!!!). In my defense, we lost an hour today because of daylight saving so the clock went forward. So yeah, after a night full of awesomeness and F-U-N, I am just this sore and exhausted lass waiting for Monday and Tuesday to come.

I’ve did a couple of afternoon baking here in the apartment and I wish I have my other 5 favorite people to cook for here. Today reminded me of how different things are…of how patience matter… and how sacrifice creates an impact in our lives. So yeah, I will end this sappy note now and just move on with my kitchen entry.


Last year when I got home I told myself that I will be going back to the basics —- basics of cooking and baking.

You know how sometimes we just jump into something B I G? And how we overlook the importance of small things. 

I thought to myself that if I want to be “big” someday, I should muster up the small things first…the basics.

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12.11.13: Of Wednesdates

Hello, dolls! 🙂 Today feels like my first official Wednesday here in Baltimore. It seemed like last week was nothing but a dream, I spent most of my days trying to beat jet lag and this crazy winter weather. So I finally gave in and updated my location on Facebook… I am now embracing the fact that I now live in Baltimore. It’s silly you know? A lot of people asked me before I left if I ever saw myself living in the US, I would always reply with a no and explain that when I was in high school I hated the thought of leaving home or one of my siblings living abroad. But now, now look at me…fate brought me here and it wasn’t all that scary after all.

Today is Wednesday and it feels weird that I am just here in my apartment waiting for this day to be over, and how I spent my afternoon without Alyza — laughing over great food and talking about life with the presence of our #COTD (cocktail of the day — yup I am coining it now! haha). It feels different you know? To not look forward to dinners anymore cause my family’s not around..and how I do not have to workout early so I can whip up something in the kitchen for my family.


I can’t think of a single person that I know that doesn’t like Japanese food. I love how it’s so simple but very know? Uhhh I can just go for some awesome sushi right now!

I am so glad Alyza suggested to try Katsu cause I really loved everything that was on our table 🙂



Crazy Maki ; Ebi Nigiri ; and Salmon Sashimi 

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Solo Flight 2.0

02.23.2014: See you soon, MNL!

Hello dolls!!! 🙂 Want to hear something crazy? Today marks my first week here in the US. It feels like it was only yesterday when A picked me up from the airport. So much has happened since then — documents here and there , lunch/dinner dates, #ApartmentLife and…uhh my struggle with this crazy crazy weather. The snow is just making me realize how far away I am from home — away from the crazy traffic in EDSA , away from all the jejemons..away from home. What surprises me though is how I have not spent a night on the couch bawling my eyes out.

So my last weekend in MNL (for the first half of the year) was nothing but crazy. I tried to accomplish everything in 48 hours without compromising time for my family. I packed my stuff 3 hours before I had to leave for the airport, and I wouldn’t have done it without the help of my amazing Dad and sister. We arrived at NAIA with enough time for us to forget that I will be flying somewhere far…away from home.


I miss bullying her before we go to sleep.

I find it really helpful when I think about all the possibilities
and how I can make them all happen…in time.

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