Solo Flight 2.0

02.23.2014: See you soon, MNL!

Hello dolls!!! 🙂 Want to hear something crazy? Today marks my first week here in the US. It feels like it was only yesterday when A picked me up from the airport. So much has happened since then — documents here and there , lunch/dinner dates, #ApartmentLife and…uhh my struggle with this crazy crazy weather. The snow is just making me realize how far away I am from home — away from the crazy traffic in EDSA , away from all the jejemons..away from home. What surprises me though is how I have not spent a night on the couch bawling my eyes out.

So my last weekend in MNL (for the first half of the year) was nothing but crazy. I tried to accomplish everything in 48 hours without compromising time for my family. I packed my stuff 3 hours before I had to leave for the airport, and I wouldn’t have done it without the help of my amazing Dad and sister. We arrived at NAIA with enough time for us to forget that I will be flying somewhere far…away from home.


I miss bullying her before we go to sleep.

I find it really helpful when I think about all the possibilities
and how I can make them all happen…in time.


I miss cooking for the best Dad

Ambition & Love


I miss this giant.

My brother Remo was not able to go to the airport with us cause he got very sick that day 😐


Forever Lola’s girl


This is LOVE.


First flight: MNL – LAX via PAL

13 straight ours of flying


 Dinner: Fish Curry ; Dinner Roll ; Cucumber and Papaya Salad ; Banana Pudding

Unfortunately I was asleep for the second meal 


Breakfast: Ham, Scrambled Egg and Hash browns ; Pandesal ; Pinapple ; Brownie



4 hours of layover but I still almost missed my flight because of the immigration – customs – and security check points.

LAX is a very busy airport!



So happy to see CBTL!!!! #foreverCBTLLover

Matcha Latte while waiting for my next flight.


Second Flight: LAX – RDU via Delta

3 hours and 40 minutes of flying


…and finally!!! Waiting to board for my last flight.

1 hour and 30 minutes of layover.




Third and last flight: RDU – BWI via Delta

50 minutes of flying


Free Biscoff!!!


Hello, Baltimore! We meet again <3



Airport Outfit


Sweater x Pants

Hello Kitty Sweater: Forever21


Cause I move faster in heels. From MNL to RDU, I survived! haha

From LAX airport’s immigration to gate 68B which is like 2 buildings away from each other.


Sunglasses: Sunnies by Charlie – Present from Alyza 🙂


 R <3

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